Tuesday, October 4, 2016

you can't get there from here...

 Beautiful October~lazy afternoons letting the geese wander while I'm ambling around...
 I've loved this bush since I was a kid-I remember one growing in my grandma's yard. I was fascinated with those white berries. I think it's such a pretty bush.

 Our colors are just coming out-it's even prettier than these photos show.

 My Titus is not feeling well. I can see it...she spends a lot of time sitting. She's been lame for 3 years-but never has changed the way she eats, or prevented her from getting around pretty well. Now, I can see her slowing down, not that interested in doing things with Sam (my other goose). I hold Titus every day. I feel like it's coming to the end of her life. She's 15 years old, and she has been spoiled and babied and loved just to death. I feel like I am being given a warning of her time to go....so I will try hard to just love her and treasure this feathery thing that I love so much.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Finished doll...

 Well, she is done, and hanging in my studio. I haven't decided on her name. I think one of my articulated animals will be included with her-probably the dog. Maybe the dog and a bird.
 Her hat is made of an old sock toe. Her undersweater is made of the same sock, and her own socks are made of the same sock-just cut up in pieces to make all the different clothing parts.
 I have hand knitted her mittens. Since she is about 16 inches long, they were small mittens.
 I have hand sewn all her clothing other than what I mentioned above. She has vintage buttons and hooks on her clothing. She hangs from a wire that is cloth-covered under her armpits, under her coat. Her clothing is removable-but the mittens are sewn to her arms-so it's not advisable to remove her jacket-but all the buttons and hooks work. Even though she had two sides of her head-I used only this side for the front-her back has a real back of her clothing showing (not sure if I'm saying that right...)

I'm very happy with how she came out. I guess I needed a little break from doll making, but for now I am going full steam ahead and making more. I'm working on two foxes now, and a whale, and more people.
Thank you so much for taking the time to look....

Friday, August 26, 2016

New doll in the works

 Here she is-her personality is not yet in my head-but I'm having fun! Her underclothes are sewed to her linen body. She has a two-sided face made of paperclay over a wad of aluminum foil. There's a dowel stuck up inside the head and it goes into her body. She will be a hang up doll.
 She has mohair curls for hair that I have glued on with Fabric Fusion glue.
 I like to use very old fabric from clothing when I can-the stuff that has holes in it even. I purposely look for it. I like the feel of old fabric and it's nice to use it, as the clothing can't be restored. I use only new fabric for the bodies of my dolls.

 She has a bra.....(oh my!) This has been out of my normal range of doll making-as she has two sides of her head and two sides of the same body-and two bras! I'm not sure where this is coming from.....
Here is the pile of old and new fabric that I will make her clothes from. I think she will have some things that go with her-perhaps mushrooms she has gathered, or a kite. I haven't decided yet. Doll making will always be one of my passions-I think because it takes me back to my childhood and my happy times with my grandma...

Saturday, August 20, 2016

...from Whom all blessings flow...

 It is wonderful and odd at the same time to see your own artwork in print. That's how I felt when I got my artists' copy of Stampington magazine's The Coloring Studio.
 I have 3 drawings in the Autumn 2016 issue of this beautiful publication.
Colette Copeland turned one of my drawings into a completed project (see pages 32-34). I've admired Colette's art for a long time, and I feel honored!
 On pages 67 and 87 you can find two of my drawings that are simple coloring pages-but could be turned into mixed media projects as well.
This comes at an interesting time for me-I have been in a prolonged artist's block and there are times I've wanted to climb the walls of my studio and swing from the chandelier!
Thank you, Colette; thank you , Stampington.
Most of all, thank You, God.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The cat days of August

 Here he is-the King of our home. He's gone through a lot of names-I can't seem to settle on just one. Lately I've been calling him 'Lion' and that seems to stick. He won't answer to any name, so it doesn't matter!
He's a feral cat that we feed. He looks good, and healthy. I fear the day he gets hurt-we'll never be able to get him in a crate to the vet. I've been feeding him almost a year, and I still can't touch him. I think he purrs though, when he sees me...
 Lion is purely an outside cat.
I think he knows everything there is to know about surviving, but I'm sure he likes the kitty food he gets every day. And I love him.
 I've had the itch to do other things besides paint. So I've been making paperclay beads
 and people and animals.

 Also, I've gotten the crocheting bug again. I love the covered rocks. I made a pendant by chain stitching around a rock randomly and then stitched the neck part last. I'm going to send it to a friend.
 I remembered my lessons enough to cover this rock without a pattern. Today when I tried learning from some books, I got everything wrong, and just got frustrated with it-but I want to conquer this enough so I'll just keep plugging away at it.
 I have some ideas I want to get out into reality-just need the time to do it all!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Norton the dove

 Sometimes there are feathers on our floor.
He has a 'room' of his own, our bird.
Norton, the dove.
 My husband made his cage. He has sticks to land on. His food is in a dish on the floor of his cage, because doves are ground feeders. He is a ring-necked dove.
He is about 24 years old.
 Sometimes he is incognito. He doesn't know that his pink feet give him away. He is not good at hide and seek. He could never be quiet while hiding, anyway. He hoots. He laughs.
 Norton is alone in his cage because he is a murderer. He had a cage mate, named Riley. But at times they would fight and slap each other with their wings. We found out they were both males,
 so I guess that's why they didn't like each other. Sad story-one morning we found Riley dead.
We tried a few other birds, but Norton would not have it! He'd puff up and make a weird noise. So-mirrors served the purpose of a cage mate, and he doesn't seem to age at all-so we know he is happy.
 He does not like toys in his cage, or other things to eat except the seed we've always given him. And water of course. He bathes in his water dish when I use the vacuum cleaner.
 Norton loves music. He hoots along with it.
 We've had Norton for 24 years, and when we got him(and Riley) they were already full grown birds, so he may be older than 24.
 He has been an inspiration for my art.
Norton is truly a gift from God for me.
We love him so much.

Friday, July 29, 2016

For the birds!

 I guess it would be safe to say my life has a lot of birds in it! I have two geese and a dove as pets, and a yard full of wild birds I consider 'mine.' This robin , and a host of other birds, has been visiting the watering stones we have in our garden. There was something rather odd about this robin. He seemed to tilt to one side....
 Then, there are the birds that don't care who they bathe with. Catbird and sparrow-just fine. Just gimmee water!
 Very LOUD screeching called me to the window to capture this...

 Mourning doves are gentle and beautiful birds, but perhaps not so quick-witted. They are easily preyed on by hawks, cats and other varmints.
 This morning a family came to the watering hole. They were 5 of them all together-mama, daddy and 3 young ones.
 The parents watched the kids have fun.
 Next post will be about our indoor dove, Norton....