Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Here I am.

 I changed the road I walk on because of heavier truck traffic; this is part of my view now. It may not be as much of a work out, so I have been doing other stuff in the garden to make up for not climbing hills. At 62 years old, I feel very blessed to be mostly pain free and healthy. I think part of my wellness is living where we do-this stuff is my view.

 The Evelyn roses are blooming again. They are so full, and the bush is quite healthy.
 Titus, my love.
 This young red-bellied hangs out here most days. She is VERY sassy, and will jab at other birds if they try to get the suet.

I want to paint this.
I want to paint something.
I'm having one of those dread artist blocks.

But OH! I just want to thank God for being Who He IS!
He is HOLY.
He is good.
He is lowly, because He will come down to my level. That is low.
And He gives me hope, where nothing else can or ever will.

Danny Gokey - Hope In Front of Me - Official Music Video

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"Art is music frozen in time"

 It is a struggle sometimes-that blank page, canvas.
 It's heart-wrenching actually, at times....
 I have a word on my wall in my studio. "WORK" is the word. I have covered the large cut out letters with glitter. And I'm doing it. (working)
Making visual art is a lonely, alone work. Unless you are purposely collaborating on a piece, you are alone. With all the voices in your head, with the skills you have brought to the table, with the art supplies, with the life struggles and stories you feel are bursting to get out in paint.
It can't be otherwise-you must work alone.
Some of the work is just for your own reference-it's like you have learned something in a color or line, and you've got to keep looking at it. Most people would call you nuts-unless they know....
So here's a link I found about being a Christian and doing visual art.
I haven't read the book this is referencing - but I loved the quote I used as my post title.

And music is understood to be worship, if that's what you are trying to accomplish. For me-that's it. Do I need to paint a cross or manger scenes to express my worship? I don't think so at all.
I think God is pretty smart and He understands art. (Oh my word, what an understatement)

So if I am to be true to myself as an artist-my first priority is to be true to my beliefs, which I have written about from time to time.
And that's why I include music that I love in my blog. Both visual and auditory art can be a gift to God.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

a little painting

 I have been away from painting a few months, so it's a bit awkward to get back to it. Here's a little acrylic painting I did today. This is about my grandma. She loved pink-way before it was fashionable. If she could have had the house painted pink, she would have. Instead, my grandpa painted the house gray with pink trim.

The catbird is all about them too. They tamed a pair of catbirds so they would take food from their hands and even alight on their heads. For a little child-this was heaven! I was learning to love birds then. I had people to teach me that their love for me was like God's love for me. In my mind and heart, I have birds, love and my grandparents all tangled up into one love knot.
I am blessed, indeed....

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

road taken...

 If my goose, Titus hadn't gotten herself into the flower bed, I never would have seen this gorgeous Luna moth. We had just had a horrendous rain storm, so the moth's wings were sopping wet.
 He stayed perfectly still, perfectly hidden out in the open by his colors. I haven't seen one of these moths in 30 years.

 The next day he was still in the same spot. He is gone now. I feel like I have seen a miracle. It makes me think; the God I believe in and love made this fellow. It was important for Him to make him. And important enough to let me see it...

The crossroads I was on a few days ago has been prayed out and thought out and solved. It's a little silly to write it out here for the world to see-I mean-what I do isn't earth moving or news worthy at all! Wonderful thing is-I love that.

I have been making things for 9 years to try to sell here on computer-land. The best part of that is all the wonderful women I have met. Supportive, creative, funny, loving...
I guess really I am back at the path I started to walk a few months ago, and just got side-tracked for a while.

I'm going to paint. I won't focus on making anything to sell, Monnie bean will be out on hold-perhaps forever. I am scared, but excited because I feel certain this is where God wants me to walk out my creative life.
Instead of saying goodbye-I'm saying 'hello'
just changing directions is all...

Saturday, July 15, 2017

From birds, and roads.

 Have you ever felt like you're at a crossroads in your life, only you kinda stay at that spot-not really knowing which way to go? I can't help but remember the Tom Hanks movie "Castaway," in the last shot. He's at that crossroad, remembering his past (which was pretty wild, really!), and maybe thinking, "What tie do I have that draws me to go east, west...?" Of course, he picked the only one that existed, the girl he met while delivering her package. (Boy was he a devoted FedEx guy!)
But he did pick a direction...that was a movie I wished had gone on to tie up the loose ends of his life. After all, the viewer got so emotionally involved in his life-why end it at the road? Let me see him happily married and welding with that lady!
So my cross road is here with the pretty lawn and trees and flowers and birds. I guess it's hard to explain-because I am happy in my home with my husband-but I want to do more, and don't have a clue......I seem to keep coming up with my shortcomings, and get kinda stranded on that island....
But I have been making people. Big people, little people. Lots of them.
And I've been loving the flowers and the birds....

"It's empty, Mom. Can't you see that?"

"I can't believe she doesn't fill this suet feeder..."
This is a mad chickadee look, in case you didn't know. (above)
Well, this look is pretty mad too.
"I'll just ignore her. Then she'll put more suet in here."
They sing that happy little song, no matter what.
There's a lot to be learned from birds...