Wednesday, February 21, 2018

 Our yard a few years ago.

 I got the father's permission to take this photo. It's important to respect that.
On that note-I do ask you don't copy my photos. If you ask, I will grant you permission except for selling them.
The little girl on the right was carrying a cat tail.

The Three Gooses.
Cornelius, in the middle, has gone to heaven.
Titus in front, Sam in back.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Painting 16, 30 in 30

I Saw Bluebirds, © 2018 Debra Smith
India ink/gouache resist with watercolor. The technique is in Pelissier's beautiful watercolor book, Fearless Watercolor for Beginners.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

No posts for a while...

 I'm feeling pressure to paint a 'good' painting every day, and I can't do it.
I worked for hours today and ended up painting over what I did, and felt discouraged. A lot.
 Wondering what on earth I am doing, and why did I think I could paint in the first place???
 So I need to step out of 30 in 30 for a few days until I can relax.

Painting 7, 30 in 30

Red Bird © 2018, Debra Smith

Well, honestly, I did paint this in an almost paint-by-number zone of mind. And it shows.
I was thinking about that...
If I have truly given God me, and whatever things I do, then He can use the stuff that ain't so great too.
How? Well, I just pick up and keep going. Learn what I need to learn-sometimes that's fuzzy, but at any rate-I don't give up when I fail.
And that's Him. Not me.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

30 in 30, painting 6 (new)

Titus, My Goose © 2018, Debra Smith
I am ever so happy with this painting!
I thank God for giving me the ability I have now, and the desire to learn more and improve. It excites me to see things that work in this painting- I am giving God the credit-that's one way I can glorify Him.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Very Old Painting 30 in 30

detail,© 1984-2018, Debra Smith
 Instead of a WIP, this is a VOP!
I painted this in 1984. My duck posed for me in this box because he was used to being inside. Roo was his name. He was a Pekin duck. He had a health condition that kept him in a kiddie pool filled with straw some of the time. I loved that duck! 
This was done with oil paint, which is the medium I started out with a long time ago...

Sunday, February 4, 2018

the fourth day of 30 in 30-but I am posting an older painting...

Another older painting of mine. This one was sold when I was at Etsy. I waver in my desire to paint between folky, childlike painting, and realistic painting. I love both, and they seem to be at opposite ends. I will just continue to paint what strikes my fancy!