Tuesday, January 17, 2017

old photos from Sparrowgrass

 Things sure change. Only two of these girls are with me now. The changing of a calendar can make you think about time when otherwise, you might just forget to really count the days. Winter makes me slow down and I guess turn inward a little.
It's not my favorite time of year. One good thing-we don't have one drop of snow. It's raining right now.

  As I was going through these old photos, I was amazed by the huge changes that have taken place. This old abandoned vineyard was ripped up, and it's a farmer's field now.
 Some of 'my' trees are gone along the road, to make more room for the field. The dirt road now leads to a new home on top of a hill. A big change for us-to have new neighbors. They are not close in distance; I can see their light at night from my back windows. It's a comforting sight I guess. Somehow I feel I'm looking at a star on that hill, a star that resides inside a warm home, and shines down the hill at me-past animals restless to hunt, birds sleeping hidden, and there's me-peering at a light that's twinkling from behind bare trees-farther than shouting's distance from me.
 Then-there are the geese-my two girls that will be 16 in June. Animals are so 'human' in so many ways.
 Our dear Cheyenne-gone to heaven, but loved and remembered. A quirky dog with fear issues to drive a person mad! We rescued her. We were always trying to figure her out, and to find ways of helping her to learn that we were not going to hurt her. By the time I took this photo-she trusted me.
'Our' road- a dead end going past our house-there's a turn off going up a hill where our new neighbors live. The road will never look like this again. There is always some sadness in remembering. But I am filled with a kind of hope or adventure when I walk on this road now. Change is what you make of it. I have to live with some physical changes right now, and a little pain-which I'm not used to.
The calendar turns, the days turn one into another. Years become like books with pages missing-you can never remember or read them all again.
But it's ok.
That light will shine....

Friday, January 6, 2017


This is a blog friend's dog. She posts about her life and her art, her cooking, her beautiful surroundings on her blogs. Please visit her here-Eggs in my pocket, A Needle in my Hand
Her name is Kathleen, and she has this extremely cute dog named Sophie.
Kathleen posted some photos of Sophie, and I asked her permission to copy them. I knew I wanted to do a painting of this dog. Finally, I did it.
There's got to be a brave heart in this doggie. She lives with rattlesnakes and awful looking spiders. And you can tell, she is a dog that knows how to smile. I just love her.
Of course, there's a few flaws with the painting-but I am happy that I could capture that smile, and the way her ears are crinkled. You know how they do it-when a dog is happy and they are just tuned into some kind of doggie-bliss....
Thank you Kathleen, for letting me paint Sophie.
Give her a big hug for me...

Sunday, November 27, 2016

don't like doing this, but.....

I want to protect my art work. Of course the painting for sale in my shop doesn't have this blazing across it.
I am trying so hard to make a go of being an artist who makes some money. I don't use Facebook for this, or Twitter. I just use my blog.
It's scary to put your self so much into your art, and then have it stolen. I have a sweet friend who told me about her own work being copied. It was awful to see and hear the pain in her heart as she told about it. I have blogged about this topic before, a little bit....It's not easy to do it. For one thing-I am saying my art is even worth copying-which is just one of those 'eye of the beholder' things. Most people just like to see what you're doing-they have no malicious intent.
But-there it is-and I'm not trying to insult or anything.....
Oh golly-have a great day!!!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Five new dolls for sale...oops-there's six!

 These girls can be hung on a wall by a cord in their backs, or just lean them against something. I think they like looking around at new things...

Twenty-five dollars each, plus shipping, at my Etsy store.
Have a wonderful day!!!
I forgot this one! Her flax braids are about 8 inches long. I love using flax for doll's hair. I buy rhetted flax in a bag from a seller at Etsy. I think I have enough to last me 20 years of doll-making!