Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A sweet friend of mine suggested I do a tutorial about tags. I sent her a fabric one, and she thought some of you might like to know how I made it.
Here is another idea I tried-sewing with my machine's embroidery stitch directly on a paper tag. I'm still using the needle-it didn't hurt the machine at all. You may want to experiment with colored thread.

But to get back to the fabric tags- this time I want to make a tag with some pretty fabric.

I use another tag for a pattern.

Don't worry about the holes. You will do them at the end of the project.

This is the stuff you need for stiffening, or use a product you are familiar with. I always dilute this by at least 50%-even more if the fabric is very fine.

I have diluted the stiffener in the cup and completely dunked the fabric in it. Now squeeze the fabric to get the stuff out. Lay the tags on some plastic wrap you have taped over a hard surface. The wrap makes it easy to lift the fabric off. For the tag in the first picture, I used muslin and put it on an old cookie sheet. Something about the tin made the fabric blue-spotted, which works for that material, but it will ruin this pretty fabric.
Now, just let it dry. During this drying process, turn your fabric over a few times.

Here's another idea:why not use paint color chips to decorate tags? I always ask at the store first if I may have some. The colors are so intense.

Last, for your dried fabric tag you will need a hole-punch. You can find hole reinforcers to glue around the holes, or leave them plain. The fabric is not too hard to hand sew at this point. You can embellish it with buttons, paint (that reminds me, you can tint the fabric stiffener before you dip the fabric in it), photos, dried flowers, paperclay...use your wonderful imagination!
One more thing-if you find that your dried tag has white stuff on the back of it-you have not diluted the stiffener enough. You can scrape it off, or maybe sand it, but that's the reason to dilute it, and to keep turning the fabric over during the drying process.
Have fun!

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Julie said...

Thank you Debra, I want to make lots of them. Juliw