Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vintage Treasures...the lady above is my great-grandmother, "Monnie" Bein (pronounced 'bean'). Her first name was Cora. I don't know the story behind "Monnie," but I love it, and I love her. Of course I never met her. But hand-down stories were often told to me when I was young. She was a seamstress, and also made hats. She had to support herself and my grandfather when her husband was killed by a train. So her skills in sewing were very practical.
I don't know who these ladies are, or even if they're related. They could have been just friends, but I love this photo.

I thought this was my grandpa, but it's a little boy named Gilbert.

Another mystery, but so gorgeous, I had to share it with you. By the way, you are free to use any image you like. I don't have a scanner, so sometimes the quality is not very good.

These are the very old photo albums some of these pictures are kept in.

This is the box my letters from Monnie to her boyfriend, Mackenzie, and his love letters to her are stored in. They married, and were happy about 9 years, until he was killed. The first letter to Monnie was dated 1894, in January.

This is part of her letter back to him. Some of the letters were hand-delivered by Mack's (my great grandpa) friend, who was a co-worker with him at a local creamery.

oops! Part of my kindergarten report card! mark for art!

Here are some ads from some very old magazines I have. This one is from 1901.

Now we're in the '50's...

I like prunes, but somehow they don't look so good on oatmeal!

This one is for Lea, who has one of these beauties in her studio at The Shabby Secret Garden!


Kendra Joyner said...

Hi Debra!! Those are awesome family photos...such history!! That so neat that you have those old love!!

The Shabby Secret Garden said...

Hey girl,
I love the photos!!!
I'm so sad about Monnie and Mackenzie. :( But what a treasure his letters are! I love old albums like that.
Your vintage ads are so cool. I want to go back... and live in the 1800's. I want to wear muslin petticoats , and calico dresses, and BUTTON shoes.
I'm copying and pasting that washin machine!! It's so way cool... thanks for thinking of me!!
I'tS JUST LIKE MINE!!! I can't wait til spring to put it out back and wash my clothes and hang them on the line. OH WHAT A DAY that will be. Maybe I'll wear my vintage maid dress and apron just for thee occasion. lol
from the garden

Michelle Palmer said...

Amazing old photographs!
Thanks for sharing about your Monnie Bean name & the special gal behind it~
Love this blog site of yours...I don't think I've come here much before today!
Hope all is wonderful in your little corner~

Edie said...

Wow times certainly have changed. Loved the photos.

How sad about Mackenzie. My grandma's husband was killed when he was hit by a truck as he was crossing the street.

Kimberly said...

Hi Debra!!

Love the pics. Please stop my blog and pickup your award!!!