Thursday, May 7, 2009

Don't think you have to toss a project you've started with Paperclay if it has cracks in it. Cracking is normal-the clay is just shrinking. Simply wet a little Paperclay and smooth it over the cracks, getting it deep into them. This project was a fabric head with much the same shape as the clay you see. It cracked about the fifth day or so after I covered the cloth form. I let it dry completely, then add a layer on the cracks, and do other sculpting as I wish. You don't have to wet the older part of your sculpting first.
You may need to do another application after this one dries. Be patient!

There is a whole body attached to this head, but I only covered the head. You do need to be careful not to squeeze a part next to the Paperclay covered part-it can crack or pull away from the form then, but of course, that can be fixed too. I have not bothered to sand it when it's dry, but you can. I like to wet the form and smooth it with my hand. Make sure you turn your project so every side dries. It's not a good idea to try to dry it faster than air-drying; but I think it can be dried in a very low oven. Just watch it carefully.
I let you know how this lady turns out!

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