Friday, November 27, 2009

A tour of my studio...remember-it's not camera-ready or anything. I need to organize it soon. But here is my pet sink bug, Harry. Every now and then he makes an appearance. I never know just where he'll show up.
This is supposed to be a work table. There might be one square foot of open space. I'll see if I can fill that up too!

Mr. Monkey is my boss.

I like the painting-I did it when Micah was still a little guy!

I must have favorite things around me where I work...See one of Baggaraggs dolls on top of the old wooden case? And her lovely lace envelope hanging on the wall-her art is wonderful.

One of my birthday gifts....necessary in my studio. You never know when a disguise might be needed.

Wonderful BOOKS-one of my downfalls, I guess. I love books. Of course, bird books and especially geese books are a requirement.

Too many buttons. But my husband says I need more. I wonder if he was kidding??!!

A place for fabric. All stowed away in boxes covered with muslin-labeled as to color.

A vital prop in my studio-and "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House" is on right now! Gotta go!


the Inner 'I' said...

Debra, I so enjoyed my virtual visit to your studio. It is warm and art-y like its resident artist! Love the wall color.

paynterfamily4 said...


Love your studio and stink bug!! I'm posting to enter into your giveaway - I'll post it with a pic on my blog - too cute!

Good luck to everyone!

Traci (: