Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More of my studio... This red boy banged on one of my windows this morning. I worry he'll hurt himself.
Here is more storage-it is organized behind the door. I have to know where things are. I have a lot of stuff to work with, and sometimes I have to hunt to find it. Very aggravating!

My beautiful Grandma's sewing machine. It works so much better that the new plastic Singer I bought a few years ago. That one has seized right up-needs to get worked on. This one-I oil and grease it and clean the lint out-it's got to be 60 years old. Works fine.

I have a drawing table connected to a work table. I bought that cone of yarn at the thrift store too. My fav color. It will be fun to use the cone after I use the yarn.

I made this house over 10 years ago. It's got a little fence on both sides of it, and a Christmas tree. There's a sheep coming out of the door. There's old screening on the windows. It's pretty big. I love to put a light in it at night.
Old snow fence boards are a premium salvage item in my house. I have at least 3 stashes of them. We use them when new as a goose fence. They last quite a few years, then we spend the time to take them apart to save the wood. The shutters for this house were taken from real shutters that I salvaged from another house I lived in that has since been destroyed. Will wood be a thing of the past someday? Everything is plastic now. Even wooden snow fence may be hard to find.


Fran said...

Oh, how I love this house, Deb. How clever you are. This must be so beautiful with lights.

I can't believe how talented you are, to think of things like this.
No wonder you love it so much.

Baggaraggs: said...

Bean, Wow, I so love the things you make. I wonder if you could make those wooden houses. YOU could seel a million of them. Your photos are splendid. Hugs, Baggatha

the Inner 'I' said...

Debra thank you for sharing these pictures - I feel as if I'm visiting you in person! I especially love that your 60 year old sewing maching from your grandmother works better than anything 'new'. Love, Ilene