Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Where does your inspiration come from? I want to recommend this book by Suzie Millions-Retro Crafts. It's published by Lark Books. This woman is a real hoot! She has absolutely filled this book with stuff-and apparently, her studio is just as crammed. Not only can you learn how to make"Sparkling Sputnik", and a "Snappy Cappy Bottlecap Man," but you'll have a laugh over Suzie's childhood memories of visiting prison gift shops so her granny could collect velvet paintings. This book is a keeper. Even if you aren't interested in making the wacky retro do-dads, you will find tons of inspiration just looking at the photos. As always, I learn a technique for something by reading how-to's. You really never know where inspiration will come from-that's the fun of creativity. I went on a Christmas shopping trip yesterday, but got side tracked at the Salvation Army. I got some very cool stuff. Above is this neat-o 1970's plastic box-complete set too-of crafts and all the directions, colored pics. LOTS of inspiration there, and who knows how I will change something to make it totally new?

Another good source of inspiration. I can't wait to dive into this one. I'll be sharing things from it when I have the time to study it a little. It looks like fun.

These little white dishes-look like child's plates or doll plates. They're only maybe 2 inches across. I love 'em. Have NO idea what I bought them for. They were cheap though-just .39 each!

And two lovely ironstone platters. These are small too-but now I will have 4 platters all in different sizes. It will make a pretty display somewhere.

Of course I bought some more books-cheap-cheap...but more inspiration. And I also went to the library for their fashion through the ages books. The one I like a lot is out of print. You can still buy it at Amazon though. It's called "Fashions in Hair, The First Five Thousand Years," by Richard Corson. Full of wonderful pen and ink drawings, and much inspiration for doll faces, clothing and of course-hair styles.
I'd love to hear some of your inspiration stories.


Baggaraggs: said...

Oh Bean, I want to go next time. I shop at a place that I call Bonne Willard. To me it is a trip to a place where anything is possible, full of surprises at prices I can afford. Other people simply call it the Good Will. :) I wish we had gone together. We wolud have had a blast!.Love, Baggy

WhiteStone said...

The little 2-inch dishes may be for butter pats? And I like the platters, too. If one is small enough, it's a great soap holder for the bathroom. I have a large white platter, which is browned with age around the edges, hanging on my kitchen wall. I like its "long ago meals" look! LOL