Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Primitive Yellow-headed Blackbird is nearly finished. They have a few white feathers on the edges of their wings, so that's what the old dictionary paper is for. He'll be perched on a very old cement trowel-the rust will look wonderful with his feather colors. He is made of a mixture of old wool and paper from Hobby Lobby-the paper was crumpled up with a very nice fabric feel and texture. He's got glass beads for eyes.
I'm making beads for necklaces. Birds beads. I used Crayola Air Dry Clay. It's quite different to work with this clay-a bit messy compared to Paperclay, but I like how sandpaper etches it when you sand it (when dry) and it's very sturdy. I dried this about 10 days, but I think it was ready sooner. Another thing I liked about using this clay was when you paint it, the paint dries very quickly because of the dry quality of the clay. You can hold the piece and paint it completely before letting it rest to cure the paint. Can't do that with Paperclay. But I know I can get a more intricate and detailed sculpt with Paperclay.

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Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Oh, I really like him. The glass eyes are a really classy touch, very vintage.

That clay looks interesting!