Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Meet Robin, from Baggaraggs

 I interviewed Robin, the artist behind the wonderful Baggaraggs. "How long have I been creating things? Since I was little I think. I made corsages from Iris for my neighbor when I was a teenager, and made all my own clothes in High School. My Ma would yell at me for sewing too fast on her machine. I once went to school with straight pins in my hem because I didn't finish my outfit and wanted to wear it to school. Seriously.

 Goals for my business: It is a dream but I would like to be a self supporting doll maker one day. Patterns, shows, a real business. You Know?

 Behind the name. : I saw in my mind a bunch of dolls climbing out of a bag of rags, hence the name Baggaraggs.
 God inspires me. The Holy Spirit whispers to me right before sleep or waking. For real. I am not blocked by anything then. Nature inspires me. You inspire me. Other people's work inspires me. James Christensen inspires me. Butterflies and Insects inspire me.

 My Father taught me this quote "To thine own self be true." I have not lived up to it, even on a good day. I have betrayed myself over and over by trying to please others and looking for approval.

 Hmmm, a class (to study)...Egyptology? Art History? Wheel throwing. Pottery. Any art class.

 I think that the only thing I would like to teach is probably something that other people who make art already know. The creative process is a way of being Present, and to be present in time is the closest way I know of to be in communion with God.

 I have a very creative family. My older sister and I were in business together. She made dried flower designs. She now owns and operates an Inn in Vermont with her husband. A very Creative thing to do. My other sisters are very good interior designers...their homes are amazing."

(I asked Robin what she would take for a 2 week isolation on an island, food and water provided)" I would take my Bible, a camera, paper, writing utensils, water colors, batteries, and a flashlight."
(And finally-what stuff do you look at first in a thrift shop?) "Vintage anything: Lace, linens, clothing. Vintage sewing stuff is very cool."

Robin has a second shop at Etsy called The Moss Thread Museum. You will find some of her treasures there in wonderful little collections of sewing kits, tags and whimsy.
At her blog Baggaraggs you will be let in the door by a collection of her fanciful and creative dolls. You will wonder, as I did, what is in this artist's mind when she creates? Where do these 'people' come from? If you start at December 28, 2008 and start reading her continuing Story of the Baggaraggs-maybe a clue will pop out here and there about the source of her whimsy.
I'm thinking that her profession, a psychiatric nurse, gives her a good reason to be so creative-but the fact is-this woman is just full of talent.
All I know is that Robin makes me laugh. I have 3 of her Threaders, and I smile every day as they look down at me from their perch on one of my studio window sills.

Robin has filled a spot in my heart. It's a Baggaraggs shaped spot...


Baggaraggs: said...

Awwwhh Bean!!! Thanks so MUCH> You did a fabulous job on this. I appreciate you so much. Thank YOU BEAN!!! Now its your Turn. Loveth thee. Baggy

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

I love Everything Baggaraggs! Her creations are incredible. I do think some day her work will be shown in many galleries and exclusive shops!!! It is amazing and beautiful stuff!

Bette said...

Great feature on Robin. She is an amazing artist.

Barb said...

Love her creativity and what a great interview!

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

A wonderful interview on a wonderful artist!!

Cave Creek Studio said...

A really nice interview and insight into Baggaraggs. I have one of Robin's creations and it is awesome.

Baggaraggs: said...

Hey Bean, when are you psoting those beautiful canvases that are new?

Graceful Moments said...

I've been away from wandering through blogland in the last month or so...so glad to happen upon this great post about Robin. I will definitely be visiting her shop and her blog and catching up on everything Baggaraggs! What amazing creativity!!!