Tuesday, December 7, 2010

 I'm making fabric bracelets. The first one I made will be part of a Christmas gift for Miss Baggy Baggaraggs. So I can't show it here. I'm so happy with how it turned out! And that has inspired me to make tons more, and maybe put some up for sale at one of my Etsy shops.
 They are incredibly easy to make-the basic form that is. Just measure your wrist, add extra for seam allowances and so forth, then decide on how you want to decorate the fabric. And how you want to have the opening and fastening part. I have about 30 of them cut out. I bought deer hide leather a few years ago, so I'll use some of that as part of the closure on the one in the top photograph. To make the sewing look good with this leather, I've found out you need to do it by hand. So first I make the sewing holes in the leather with a large pin, then I use linen thread in those holes to attach the leather.
 Having a bunch of inspiring decorations will help fuel your imagination...
I love this silk sari ribbon from NorthcottWilson at Etsy. First-it smells so good when you open the package! Then-the delight of all that silk in fabulous textures and colors-it's an overload of the senses. I recommend her shop.
Also-for wonderful tutorials about everything sewing, including fabric bracelets-find The Magic Bean. Her wealth of info is helpful and generous. You'll be so glad you visited her site.

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