Monday, October 3, 2011

A Shabby Project for You to Copy or Be Inspired By...

 I had to show this old hanger I have. Someone penciled their name on it-must be ages ago.
 I bought three men's shirts at a thrift shop with this project in mind. They were men's only because I couldn't find what I wanted in women's. I wanted nice Fall-like shirts. Then-I shabbified them with scraps of barkcloth, lace, labels, buttons, rickrack, ribbon, old hankie parts-it's so much fun!
 By the third shirt I had decided to machine stitch the patches, but of course, hand sewing is the best. I left the edges shabby, but they can be tucked under, or simply machine stitch around the edges so they won't fray out with washing. Make sure you can wash all the stuff you add to your shirt.

 I'm not quite done with this one-still have some lace to put around the wrists, after I cut off the cuffs. The idea is to totally feminize the shirts, but have them still comfy to wear. I love the elbow patches-I think machine stitching is best for strength.
 I simply laid the fabrics over the spots I wanted to cover with my new fabric, and cut it, then pinned and sewed. Make sure you pick up the shirt after pinning it to see if it hangs correctly-so there aren't lumps or bulges.
 This is the first one I did, and I started out with all hand sewing. I do prefer hand sewing delicate lace, but it will work to machine stitch it also. Remember-it's shabby!
 Start by choosing a general color scheme, and then try to mix up textures and patterns.

 Don't be afraid of shabby edges!

I have a pile of old hankies that will forever just be in a pile unless I use them in projects. I have a few I will not cut. If you are very much against cutting unless there is a bad stain, don't do it-just tuck it in a pocket so the hankie sticks out and looks pretty. For these cuffs, I cut off the flannel ones first. Then I cut a hankie about four inches across both edges and sewed the short edges together. Gather it along the new long top, fit it under the shirt cuff, then sew a hemed length of fabric over that edge.

Voila! A one of a kind shabby shirt!


Baggaraggs: said...

OH MY GOSH BEAN. THESE ARE THE COOLEST! really so very neat. I love them! Are you selling them? YOU SHOULD BE!!! Hugs and love, bags

thefisherlady said...

you are tempting me to try this... I do it with old jeans but this is lovely!

Paula said...

Oh my goodness, Debra~ I didn't even know you had another blog until I just came over here from the other one, but... THESE SHIRTS ARE AWESOME!!!
Seriously~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! (Especially the one with the sheepie!)
You amaze me....