Thursday, April 26, 2012

to make a grebe

 I start to make my birds by 'sculpting ' them with plastic bags and masking tape. It's a different approach to making dolls and animals, but for birds, I like this way the best. All the lumps that are not wanted can be covered with fabric. Or~ a pattern could be made, and sewn over the form.
 I have chosen to sew small pieces of fabric over the bird, section by section. It's all hand sewing of course. This bird has chair spindles for legs, which have just been taped to his body for now. Later they will have fabric around them, and the ends will be in a block of wood, so the bird will stand up.
I start with the head, so I can have a good idea about what kind of 'personality' I'm working on. On this bird, I am using glass eyes. They have wires attached to the backs. I make holes for the wires where they will go in the head, then glue the glass using E6000. It smells bad, and I'm sure it's not good to breathe, but it is very strong glue-I use it exclusively when I need to glue odd materials together. It also works magnificently for gluing metals together, as long as they are not real heavy.
~More photos as the bird progresses...

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