Monday, November 26, 2012

More of the hawk

 I usually start with the head because the expression the eyes give it helps me to give the bird more personality. I always pick out the fabrics I will use before I start to put them on the bird-body. I have wool from thrift shops, Etsy and rug hooking shops. I do have a lot-but I could see my stash get bigger if I figure out some new storage.

 I don't worry too much at this point about covering the crude underfabric stitching, because there will be possibly three layers of fabric. I make the stitching primitive. I use lots of linen thread from Cloth Doll Supply. I use eyes from that online store as well. They have a great stock, and I am pleased with the service.
 I have to say that most of the time an interesting pose is pure accident. But that makes the making more fun-the little surprises.
 His long tail will be covered by more body feathers. Right now the tail is out of proportion to the body. I like to use parts of men's jackets-the end of his tail is such a piece. All that zigzag stitching is from some inner part of a jacket. There's are many birds in a man's wool coat!
 I like to draw on tags. This one will become a painting.

More drawings that will eventually be paintings on wood or canvas.

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A bird in the hand said...

I really love how you put the birds together, and really love the results.