Tuesday, May 7, 2013


 I'm not sure why I have decided to show some old art work of mine-it's not that old-just not recent. Perhaps it is because I have felt a huge change in my direction, like I am at a crossroads, and very unsure of which direction to go.
 So I've been looking through my sketch books.
 I think I need to be much more purposeful in my art. I can't quite explain what I mean, and it's probably boring anyway (!), but I need to do way more planning and refine what I come up with....

 I pray for direction. And for patience.

Thank you so very much for taking a few moments of your time to look at my art work. It means so much to me.


A bird in the hand said...

I enjoyed your drawings, love the last two, and I'm glad you showed them. Maybe if you just draw/sketch without thought or a plan, ideas will come to you.

thefisherlady said...

I really love your art work! Really love it!!! Spontaneous~ alive~ all heart!
I was sent my college portfolio a few years ago from cousins miles away where it was stored. When it arrived here, my kids, now college age, all wanted to see every bit of my old work... it was like laying bare my soul... but my kids oooed and ahhhed and smiled and laughed and loved it all~ so much fun to hear them with friends when they would come over as they shared an old sketch book~ they were so proud of their old mama...
laying my soul before them was a gift, mostly for me.

keep on~ it is fresh and beautiful and gives a glimpse into the beauty of your soul