Sunday, August 11, 2013

A shabby necklace...

 I have made a shabby, prim fabric necklace.
I am so happy to say I will be teaching an online class in 2014
at the beautiful Artful Gathering site.
 And this is one of the projects I would like to teach.
It's the perfect project for a beginner, as the hand sewing is supposed to look prim.
But a seasoned seamstress could do it too-it's even more fun then, I think.
I'm so lucky to have a drawer FULL of old lace and trims. The embroidery was cut from an old napkin. I only cut things that are beyond their original use.
showing necklace stitching detail
P.S. All the workshops at Artful Gathering are online!
Workshop times, instructor list, and classes available at the site...
Click on the Artful Gathering logo on my side bar to go there.


A bird in the hand said...

Love this! It's the kind of thing I like to makes. I wish I could attend your workshop :)

Lea said...

What a saweeeet neckylace!!!
You just never ever ever cease to AMAZE ME! Can't wait to check out the link... I just may have to enroll in your class! I have lots of vintage trims n things and this is right up my alley. I love prim stitches and your little flower in the center of the pendant is super sweet. The center reminds me of a bird nest with 6 little eggs. LOVE it! It all makes me happy!!!!!!!!