Thursday, August 8, 2013

New work finished...

 Well~this project was a big learning lesson for me. You can see how rippled the fabric is-
FIRST lesson: always use a fusible interfacing when embroidering by hand or machine. I didn't, and this is what happened. I can't display this piece, especially for sale, because of that. But that's only one problem!
 The 'disappearing' pencil I used to guide my stitching DID NOT disappear. SO I had to reverse the whole thing (or simply throw it out). This is the stitching on the back side of the project, which of course didn't have the pencil marks on it.
LESSON TWO: Don't scrub fabric to get disappearing pencil out. It will pill the fabric.
And LESSON THREE: Don't add glued fabric or paper to a project before you need to wash something else out!
The glue I used on the front wasn't permanent, so I pulled off some of the stuff to use it on the back...
I guess all is not lost, although an awful lot of work went into this.
LESSON FOUR: Free motion stitching is so much fun!!!!

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Lea said...

Debra, birds of thee air is BEAUTIFUL!
Sounds like you learned alot doing this project and your design is so stinking cute! I really wish they'd make a disappearing pen that stayed for a week and then would disappear. lol One week. Or even a month... I could do a month on lots of projects. lol -- Debra you are one amazing artist! I love your work!