Saturday, January 25, 2014

A new direction

 I have made my own earrings for many years, and have given some away. Never really wanted to go that direction as far as making to possibly sell. But some bee got in my bonnet, and I can't let the idea alone. I am learning to do this art-jewelry making, by looking at books for the technical stuff, and being inspired by art I love as well. Somehow though, it has to be mine-mixed with my own art- perhaps that's some kind of painting, fiber art or a collection of odd junk...I don't really know yet.
 I had to learn by myself how to wire wrap a button. Could not find directions anywhere. But that is the best kind of learning I think.
 My tables are overflowing with collections now, hoping they will inspire me.
 I want to make my own beads too, and put little paintings with the beads.
 It's fun to try to use old things-I like the challenge of making beautiful junk look like it belongs in a necklace.
 It's always fun to take apart old jewelry and give it new life.
I hope your days are filled with things that inspire you to create too!


Anonymous said...

Debra - Oh how I enjoyed looking over your work table and seeing the old boxes and all your goodies. So many treasures to begin with. I was fascinated with your wire wrap earrings, I've lately been thinking of including buttons more in my jewelry. I too am self taught in my work. I look for inspiration, but I have never taken a class in anything to learn proper techniques. My brain seems to work best if I just sort of work it out as I go. I want to see some painted beads and those little porcelain dogs looked charming. Can't wait to see more... xo Kim

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Debra - what a wonderful new direction. I can already see those creative juices flowing. If anyone can teach themselves how to do something it is you. I am so excited about your new endeavor and can't wait to see all that you are making. Always praying for the best for you - hugs

Susan Hemann said...

I just took a course in jewelry making. I just love all the beautiful jewelry I have seen and want to make my own pieces. Have fun making yours

Lea said...

Oh what fun poking through your beads and little collections on that table of yours! Girl what inspiring photos!!! Can't wait to see what you're up to.... Go for it!