Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Whew! What a blog vacation!

 I didn't plan to be away so long! But now the work on our home is mostly done, and my studio is back to normal after I repainted and rearranged stuff. I have been making jewelry during the months that the siding was going on our house. It was very hard to concentrate because of the hammering, sawing and so on. But I did make some things and will show them later, and have a give-away too. I haven't forgotten!
What I've been doing this past week is making an art/life journal.
 I wanted to actually make the book myself, so I gathered lots of different types of brown paper and randomly folded them in half. Then I found part of a belt to use to hold the book together after I riveted through the belt holes and to the back of the folded paper.
 Now it's just fun to find things that are meaningful to me to complete the book.
 So I've torn out stuff from old sketch books, found photographs I had taken and printed them out in small blocks-I guess nothing unusual for journal making-but the best part for me is that as I make this book, I am learning things about myself that I had forgotten.
 For instance-why did I stop making art that was 'me' and try to do what everyone else was doing? Even though this journal is not unique as far as the art making, and it's my very first one, I love the way it is helping me to get back into something about making art that I had let go of. And to me, that has been the best part of doing it.
 I also made some little tags to include in my products when I make a sale at my Etsy shop. I used a hole punch to randomly make holes in some brown paper, then painted through the holes on the tags. (I used it as a stencil) Then I stamped the image over the dots when the paint was dry.
 Here is my new studio-this photo makes it look pink, but it's an antique white.

I hope to do little video tutorials here. I'm just waiting for my camera batteries to arrive in the mail.
I also want to tell you about Artful Gathering-a wonderful place I am so excited to be a part of. In fact, I really can't believe it-I am almost in tears over it!
Please stop over and see all the amazing instructors and the online classes you can sign up for. Registration for the classes starts May 1. You will find a huge assortment of topics to pick from and I can tell you-it's the warmest, lovingest most inspiring place I have ever seen!

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Baggaraggs: said...

OH Bean congratulations on all the marvelous Published work and your Tutorial on The Artful gathering. can't wait to see it. Love and miss you Baggs