Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Spool Ladies

I have been making ladies on top of old thread spools. This would be fun for kids to do. Before you make the heads, cover the thread with masking tape so it won't get paperclay all over it. Then find a dowel to go in the spool hole and glue it firmly in the hole. Let that dry. Then gather some aluminum foil and crumple it around the dowel for the head armature. Cover with paperclay, wetting the clay as you form it around the head. Let it dry a few days. If there are cracks, fill them with more wet paperclay. I had to do that two or three times. I wanted it to be perfect.
These faces came out of my head, but you can find photos of faces in hair style magazines-or use your own face! When the acrylic paint is dry, coat it with a sealer. You may want to crackle finish for an antique look. I may try that. I still have some fixing to do on the faces here before I seal them.
I decided to use bits of lace and fabric for their 'clothes.' But spools without thread can be painted. I want to make little hats for these girls, and of course, they need hair!
My doll give away is on the post below this one-so please enter there by leaving a comment at that post. The drawing is Saturday July 12.


Deborah Darling said...

they are fabulous :) xxx

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Debra - these are magnificent...what a creative person you are. Can't wait to see them with hair and hats...so glad you shared these. Hope you are having the best day. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Debra - I am over the moon in love. Now, I know I say this about everything you make, but these ladies are my FAVORITE! I love them just as they are, no hair no hats. I would love to have them sitting on a window sill smiling at me each time I entered a room. I love all the different personalities that you brought to life. I have a fantasy about sitting in your garden with you learning how to make these. Did that sound like I invited myself over? Good thing I don't live next to you, I'd be right over. Thanks for sharing instructions. xok