Thursday, August 28, 2014

A new crowd coming...

 I made dolls 30 years ago. I'm 59 years old now. Sometimes I think I like to do too many different things, and I won't ever be good at one thing!
I have tried to keep at just painting, just doll making-just One Thing, and I can't do it.
There are just too many fun things to try in the world!
 So, in my days of making things this summer, it seems I am back to doll making again....I'm making some paperclay jewelry too-and the best part is I'm having fun doing all this.


Penny said...

I've had the same kind of thoughts about myself. I often admire those who picked something once and stuck with it for years and years, getting better and better. But that's not for me and finally, after all these years I'm fine with that. Exploring, learning and having fun are what its all about for me. Life is good!

A bird in the hand said...

Honestly, I would get so bored doing the same thing day in, day out. There is so much to try and enjoy. I think we get better and better anyway. It's in the doing, not the subject matter. Love your dolls. xo

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Ooooooh! These faces!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!
It is good to have other facets it is what keeps the creative juices flowing!!
I think that the faces need to be put into a story! They all have something to tell!
Blessings dear one, Linnie

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Debra - I love all the different things you do. Variety is the spice of life and that is what makes mixing things up fun. So glad you are enjoying the dolls and jewelry. Have a delightful week my friend.