Saturday, October 11, 2014

More doll heads and some random thoughts-well maybe not so random...

 I'm not sure why or where these 'people' are coming from out of my head and into my hands. It's a mystery. I wonder too, about their glum countenances. Perhaps the world is too much on my mind.
 But I don't think about it too much-I just sculpt with the paperclay, paint and then decide on the hair and a little of their personalities.
 At times I feel I should defend my decision to have 'folk art' included on my business name. When I started trying to make art to sell, I knew I needed a name that would give people a clue about what I was making. I'm not sure folk art is the correct description now, but at the time I wanted to convey some kind of primitveness that I know is part of the art I love to make. I'm just not able to do photo representational art. I am mostly self-taught, starting from childhood. My best teacher, besides my mom, was my high school art teacher. She let me have full reign with my creative impulses and energy. She was an excellent artist, and not that much older than her students.
All this is to explain and beg forgiveness if I have offended anyone by using the term folk art related to my own art. I know I am not a traditional folk artist, but I do admire it greatly. Especially the childlike art. Perhaps my art would qualify as contemporary folk art-but I'm not sure of that either.
I do know that Monnie bean will always be my name because of my great grandma. She died way before I was born, but she was an artist with cloth. My grandma said that Monnie wore colors-she didn't wear flowery patterned fabric-just colors together. That always stuck in my head, that little fact about her. I think she must have been very aware of beauty and able to create beautiful things. I know she was a milliner. I think I still have her photo here on my sidebar.
So, anyway, whatever name my art falls under-it doesn't matter too much in the long run. It makes me happy to share photos and to have a diary of sorts on line of my work.


The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Hello Debra Dearest,
Here is a word that describes your art= WONDERFUL!!!!! Really!!!....
and "ALIVE"....YEP I'd say those 2 cover it pretty well! ah-huh snap snap yep...ah-huh I think so ;-D

XXX OOO Linnie

Love every one... they are wonderful

A bird in the hand said...

I think your work falls neatly into the contemporary folk art category. So fret not, and keep making. I'm mostly self-taught, too. xo

Debbie Nolan said...

My gracious friend - I guess it matters not what you call your me it superb! These doll heads exude character. Yes the world is with all of us and how can it not affect our art. Just love what you are doing. Just keep on creating. Would have loved to have met your grandmother...she sounds like my kind of gal!! Hugs

Penny said...

I agree with everyone else. I do like the term 'contemporary folk art' - that's sort of where I see myself. Any art that is figurative is probably going to represent where the artist is at that time -- and that's what it should reflect. Never apologize - just enjoy what you're doing and keep on doing. Its all good!!

Anonymous said...

Debra - I too agree with the others here, matter not the label, your work is lovely and original and it speaks to the heart. I get the labeling thing, as I too struggle with it, not just for my creative endeavors, but for myself as well.
Keep creating and call it what you want and no apologies.
xo Kim

Baggaraggs: said...

Bean, I am not an expert and we have had a lot of conversations about what to call our work. But I think your work is folkart. I think it defines the term Folkart. your work is wonderful, fresh and lovely. Like you. Love you bags