Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What I've been doing...

 Here is a partial photo list of things that will go on my Etsy shop as soon as I edit all the pictures!
The top one is a little necklace bag that I made using sari ribbon. You can make one too! Just braid 3 strands of ribbon, and sew the strand to itself like you would make a braided rug.
 More little neck bags. One was in Stampington's Haute Handbags Magazine.
 Pins I made using wood blanks...

 And of course, more of my 'people.'

 I cut my design on an acetate sheet using a stencil cutter-a heated nib that cuts plastic for stencils. Let me give you a little review of these tools, since I have used them a lot. First of all, they are useless for intricate lines. The nib gets so hot that a straight line can be frustrating to make. But for big areas with not much detail, they save a lot of time. I would use a combination of an x-acto knife and the heated cutting tool. My next art projects are going to involve silk-screening, which I did ages ago. I miss design work and can't wait to get back to it!
 The above bag was also featured in Haute Handbags Magazine.
 I made this scarf using recycled t shirts and hand sewed all the stuff on the surface, and hand sewed the lengths together to make it long enough.

 Same construction for this shawl, except I used purchased t shirt fabric for the shawl. I rotary cut recycled t shirts in strips and made the cable design, hand stitching each line-twice! Because you must do each side of the cable line. I thought of making more of these-but this is a VERY time consuming project. The project must be laid on a table top, pinned a hundred places and then sewn. I'm not saying I didn't love it-but-I was relieved when it was done! It is beautiful and soft and I really hate to part with both of these.....but I made them to sell, so....

 I will always find time to make handbags. I am working on one now, not pictured here, involving little pieces of wool hand sewn to fabric. I really like it.
I hope you have a wonderful day-and thanks so much for stopping by!


Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Debra - you are certainly one talented and busy lady. I love everything. How can you part with that lovely t-shirt shawl? Me thinks you should make one for yourself. Hope you share your handbag that you are working on. It sounds lovely as well. Have a great week and be sure and take some time to rest from all your labors! Hugs

Maywyn Studio said...

Wow, the braided scarf is amazing! All those stitches by hand makes it really special. Good work. You have a talent for creating wonderful designs. And tons of patience to sew all those braids!

jenclair said...

Love the little bag of sari ribbon. I've crocheted some sari ribbon before, but the bit I used was so stiff, less silk, more polyester, I guess. Yours looks so soft.

So many creative ideas here, and I adore that handbag!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Oh my goodness....you are just BURSTING with talent, aren't you?? I haven't scrolled through one thing that didn't make me smile, sigh, or give me joy just to see it. I am favoring "my people" but then I scroll down and fall in love more. I am sorta jealous at your distinct look and style of art - I wish I could do art...artists always amaze me. Thank you for sharing your work!

Big hugs