Sunday, September 20, 2015

the next steps, and some experiments....

 This is a test head made of paperclay. I wanted a crackle finish, but I had nothing around in my studio except white glue and water-based varnish-so I used that method-but got unacceptable results. the computer for research. I came across Kroma Crackle medium, which I had stashed away, but had never used. I thought I would try it on my practice face and my prototype doll. Kroma Crackle dries white, and you only see what is between the crackles. You must paint on top of the crackles-kind of a reverse of using the typical crackle paint stuff. It can be used on 3-D projects, but you must use an acrylic medium over the crackles for longevity. There are some very good YouTube videos that go into detail about how versatile this stuff is-but no help at all about using it over paperclay. But I just love how huge and random the crackles are-it truly looks old.
Now I have to wait for it to dry and then go from there.
 My people have their faces and hands painted. They all look very white-skinned now, but I want to color wash them for aging, so they will look darker.

 They have muslin fabric glued on over their arms and legs.
It's fun to have them all in a group. They have been quiet so far, but perhaps they explore my studio when I'm not looking!


Maywyn Studio said...

I love how well this project is progresing. Its very exciting.
Keep up the good work!

Penny said...

You're having so much fun!! I love the results. Don't be surprised if you don't find evidence of a midnight party in your studio one day. They all look like they're ready to move.

jenclair said...

They look as if they are ready to go marching forward! You may find them outside, enjoying some fresh air if you aren't careful!

I haven't tried Kroma crackle, but will look for it. I am using a one-step crackle now that is easy, but the cracks are very tiny, which suits some projects, but not others. I've also used the glue and paint method in the past which really looked weathered.