Thursday, September 10, 2015

What I'm up to these days....

 When my wonderful husband is on a little vacation, we roam around the area and look in little shops. We both love old antique and 'junque' shops, old roads we've never been on, and new views of the beautiful Finger Lakes we live in.
I have found a treasure in Hammondsport, NY-which is a treasure in itself. The town is gorgeous and artsy. There are beautiful antique shops, clothing shops, and this one shop- Fiber Arts Emporium, where I bought a huge pile of delicious-looking wool, some of it hand dyed. My computer may not show just how beautiful the wool colors are-but the wool itself is soft and lovely to touch. The sizes are very generous for the prices-which are all well marked. If there is one thing that irritates me in a shop-it's not finding price tags on things. Not only is everything well tagged, but it is displayed so beautifully.  In this little shop, you'll find treasures of every sort. Please visit the web pages here and find out for yourself!
As for my little crowd, they are getting a bit impatient. I have the basic idea of the direction I want to go to finish these people, but so many tasks here have kept me from the actual work. And now I have some new ideas for using the wool that will be a totally new project...more on that as I have the time to gather my inspiration!
Sometimes it's good to do other things while you think about a project, and work out just how you're going to do a certain thing-all in your head. I am not one to draw out things too much-I'd rather just hop in and get to the making of it. So the time I spend thinking is well spent.
I'd love to hear about your own style of working, and how you conquer the occasional artists' block. Thank you for stopping by~ have a wonderful day!


Maywyn Studio said...

Beautiful wool. Good to see you folks are progressing well.
The shop sounds wonderful.
Years ago I read there are women who go to thrift stores and rummage sales looking for wool clothing to use in their craft projects. I met a women who scoured yard sales and thrifts for vintage fabric to restore quilts with authentic materials. I always look at any fabrics at junk shops and antique stores. For new projects, I feel buying hand dyed wool is the best way to go.
All my creative projects require thinking,and sometimes planning sessions that last anywhere from hours to months.

jenclair said...

Just look at that gorgeous wool! I'm sure it will find itself in any number of projects. Hammondsport sounds like a lovely place. Like you, I'm frustrated when a shop fails to mark things--my assumption is that they don't care very much about whether I buy it. :)

Impatient crowds! They are hard to control, aren't they? Like it or not, we all have to wait for the right moment. I'm as eager as they are for you to find the right direction for these guys.

My own work habits seem to alternate between abandonment and frenzy. Sometimes my creative block ends when something really inspires me, and sometimes, I just have to get upstairs and work on anything for a while, like embroider on my work shirt until something clicks and a real project can begin. Even then, I don't know where I'm going until I get there!

Debbie Nolan said...

Oh Debra - the wool does look beautiful. Cannot wait to see how you will use it. The way you and hubby vacation is so similar to what my beloved and I love to do. Your artsy town sounds wonderful. I am not good with the planning stages either...tend to just jump in with my paintbrush and give very little thought to where I am going. Just let the paint tell me what to do. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. When I plan something I get to tight and fiddly so this is my style. Hugs.

Penny said...

Oh my gosh - I just wanted to pick all this wool up and touch it! I do plan and often, as with you, its while I'm working on something else. Then I have to make sure that I don't jump over to the new thing before I finish the old thing. Right now I'm making some quite gentle spirits with a lot of hand work involved. That has given me time to think ahead to what is next. I often think in word blocks and try to write things down as I go along but that doesn't always happen. I love hearing how others work.