Saturday, October 24, 2015

Inspiration Story

 He held the door open for me and it was then that I looked into his eyes. There was something very different about them. I saw sadness and gentleness in those deep brown eyes that smiled at me.
Everything about the little old man looked sad and worn out and lonely. He looked like I was feeling. I had been stressed to the point of having panic attacks. My husband and I were out driving around to help relieve some of that stress. We happened upon a Salvation Army thrift shop in some forlorn, almost abandoned shopping plaza. I found some beautiful scarves to buy and was leaving the store when the little man and I met.
He was clumsy with the door and said, "I need a new brain!" I answered, "So do I!"
When I went through the door he was holding open for me I finally noticed the beautiful emotion in his eyes. He said, "You have a good week," to me and then we parted; I to the car and my waiting husband. The little man just disappeared.
Those deep-looking dark eyes full of compassion-was that what I saw? I just can't put it into words very well. But I do know that it was an encounter not by chance, but by design.
I have wondered if he was an angel. I know they exist, but I want to be careful not to romanticize or trivialize God or things concerning Him. I do know that the little man helped me in a way that I believe God intended him to.
Even though there was sadness and loneliness in the little man's eyes, I know I saw something else, and I'll just call it 'Hope.' Here's where words fail and I know I just need to leave off trying.
But the encounter with that fellow also inspired my angels. In Hebrews, chapter 13, we're told that we may "entertain angels unaware."
Creating these angels has become a true labor of love and I can honestly say it's the first time in my art making that I have felt this much inspiration.
I hope it shows, and that you will feel it too.
He truly is not done yet-I have to finish the wings-more on that next. You can see I have pinned them on!

His belt is made of paper!


jenclair said...

He's wonderful Debra! And those wings--perfectly suited for an angel!

A funny aside, I was looking through a Prims magazine (2013) and stopped at a bird that I'd marked because I liked it so much. It looked like your birds. I marked it before I knew about Monnie Bean or that your name was Debra, but it was a special surprise to realize when I found it again that it was, indeed, your work!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Debra - how beautiful! Thank you.

Debbie Nolan said...

Oh Dear friend - I can see that this was certainly a "God Thing". I believe that angels come in many different ways and just when we need them most. I think this is just a wonderful work of art dearest. So glad you shared your inspiration. Love ya!

Maywyn Studio said...

Wonderful post. I believe he is quite happy with his wings. Very well done.

Penny said...

This is one of the most loving, meaningful, moving posts I've ever read. Its perfect!! I have had that experience of 'meeting' a stranger in my everyday doings -- a brief encounter -- but something in their face or manner makes me want to know them, to know their story and offer whatever solace that I can. The encounters are like little treasures in an otherwise busy day. You've captured his essence perfectly! Thank you.