Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Making more foxes

 I had a request for some more foxes, so that's what I'm working on. I'm using my plastic bag method of construction, with layers of cloth over the bags.
This is the fox I sold at my Etsy shop. I was very happy with how he turned out. I have to be careful to make each fox a little different-not copies of my previous work. I think somewhere on this blog I posted about how I make my fabric sculptures using the plastic bag method.
I'm going to try something a bit different-perhaps for the fox in the top picture that doesn't have his fur on yet. At the point of covering the bag sculpture with muslin and sewing that covering very securely, I may cut open the bottom and slip the bags out, then stuff the empty shell with fiberfill. I think my method is a little nuts, since I can make patterns. There's something I really enjoy about sculpting though, and the bags are pretty easy to work with.
I still have 7 more angels to finish, and a few ideas for other types of work I want to do. Thank you for looking-it's fun to hear from you!


jenclair said...

Yea! I love, love, love the foxes!

Maywyn Studio said...

Its exciting to see your work.

Penny said...

Oh yes, I love the foxes too!! Your plastic bag technique is really a fun idea. How big are the foxes? Can't wait to see more.

Trish said...

They are gorgeous foxes, my friend!

Deborah Nolan said...

Oh Debra your foxes are simply wonderful. I love how you curl them-just like they would be in their den. How many will you make at one time?