Thursday, November 19, 2015

old works again....

 I feel like such a ham, showing my stuff sometimes. The truth is, I don't feel that I am very good at anything-I just like to make things. I get carried away by seeing what other people do, and I want to do that. I am way too scattered, and I fear that will keep me from getting good at anything ever.
 And that worries me....My son likes the realistic paintings I do. Other people like the birds, others the people I make. And I am so unsure of myself, that I feel lost sometimes, with my own art.
 Way too influenced by what other people are doing, and always feeling like I have to produce something to sell, rather than just make for creating's sake.
 My work doesn't fall in any clear category and I fear always-no style that is recognizable as mine-even though I am religious about not copying.
 That really bugs me-when people copy. It's fine to do it for your own growth as an artist, and to keep it private-to not try to sell it. And I don't have anyone I am griping about here at all-I am just sayin.'
I tried the papier mache experiment and found out very quickly two things: Do not put papier mache over wadded up grocery bags. It will make the paper mold.
Another thing-I do not enjoy doing it-at all. But it's good to try those things out-you'll never know otherwise.
I am back to finishing the angels, but I will also be working on other little projects on the side-because I get bored with one thing.
I do thank you for looking at my stuff-it really is nice of you, and I mean that.


Maywyn Studio said...

Your work has a personality about it that's not like things I see elsewhere.I hope you keep doing what you do.

jenclair said...

Love your portraits, Debra. You have so many talents! Like you, I see so many things I want to do, so many techniques to try, so many ideas that inspire other ideas, and I frequently bemoan the lack of a recognizable style. But you, Debra, do have a recognizable style--all your work speaks of YOU, even though you have different mediums in which you work.

I don't sell my work, or at least I haven't yet; partly because it is a lot of trouble and partly because I never think it is good enough. When I started trying to find places for all of my Halloween creatures after taking them down this year, I realized that even giving them away to family and friends was not enough. I'm running out of room. I may have to try selling them just so I can continue making them.

:) Keep up with the angels and the projects on the side!

Penny said...

Your work is very distinctive -- I sort of think of it as making a bold statement, which is a good thing I promise you *smile*. I gave up trying to sell a number of years ago and its made all the difference for me. No more wondering if it will pass muster or those dreaded words: "but will it sell?". It freed me to play and try different things and let my inner child loose (if that isn't too trite). Recently I adapted someone else's pattern (after buying it from her of course) and that was liberating too -- to be able to make something that I could never have designed myself due to my own limitations and not feel guilty as long as I made it clear that it wasn't my own pattern. You should revel in your talent -- because we all love it and I say so! *smile*

susan hemann said...

I love the variety of things you make, there is no law that says you have to focus on one medium. look at Picasso, have you seen his other work. He made a lot of things besides paintings. then there is Leonardo, he did just do one thing. You are in great company.
As artists we all have our doubts, it usually comes from comparing our work to others.
Do yourself a favor, enjoy other people's work without judgement. By the way, i spend
a lot of time comparing my work too. Love the heads on the spools, what a hoot!!!

A bird in the hand said...

I think you're being much too hard on yourself. I do a lot of different things because I get bored doing one thing only, and there are things I want to try. If they work out, fine. If not, I go on to the next thing. I do it for the love of it,because I enjoy it, and offer it for sale rather than make things that might sell (I've tried - I can't, it's just not me) and as you've noticed, that takes the fun out of it. I've discovered I don't appeal to the masses but I do have a niche, and so do you.

You have your own style, if only because your unique hand has made it. Keep going.

Mary Marcotte said...

Most of us who start out "crafting" and grow into art continue to see ourselves as crafters. Somehow that term means that what we make is not art. Eventually we call our work art, but we don't think of ourselves artists. We have to change that mindset but we also need to listen to the inner voice that we all have and do what we love. As artists we know, just know, who we are. Listening is difficult sometimes and so is finding that thing that makes us artists, but it's there.

I definitely see a style in your work. I can't name it for you, but your characters have personality. I especially like your angels but I find it very interesting that you also make birds. I'm thinking you have a thing for feathers and you do them very well! Whatever your reservations are, you should let them go. Enjoy what you do and the rest may fall into place. And if not, does it really matter?

Of course, all of this said from someone who struggles with the same questions. Thank goodness we have a whole internet of artists and on occasion someone says these words to me. I just thought I'd pass them along.

Deborah Nolan said...

Dear Debra your beautiful voice of talent definitely has a gorgeous style that is you. Your creativity is amazing. Out of nothing you make fabulous works of art. I so enjoy seeing your old works. What a delight to see where one creative endeavor moves to the next.