Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thank you again, and some explainin' and I'm sorries....

 I hate it when I have I guess they are called artists' blocks-it's a difficult time when you are bursting to make something or express an emotion using art-but nothing comes out onto the paper or canvas or fabric. I think I whined and moaned here recently and I hate that even more.
I'm sorry.
 I wanted to also cover something I brought up-and that's copying. I certainly did not have anyone in mind at all. There is a big difference in being inspired by a work. I also think it's very good to admire a work, and think about how to change it into your own*. Perhaps that's part of inspiration.
So I just hope I didn't offend anyone in that way too.....
There are TONS and TONS of art works that I want to copy and that make me say-"Why didn't I think of that?"
So forgive me if I sounded like a self-righteous snoot.
The very best I can do will come out of somewhere inside of me.

*But be careful~inspiration won't have to apologize to someone later for stealing their ideas!


Maywyn Studio said...

Blue moose on wheels is adorable!
If I ever copy anything from you, then it will be your inspirational spirit.:)

Penny said...

Oh my goodness Deborah - you have nothing to apologize for. Personally I 'like' to hear about other people's art blocks because it makes me feel like I'm not crazy when I have one. Its so frustrating to want to create but feel like you're at a dead end street with no way out. Let's face it -- we all get our 'ideas' from others - even if its just a color match or a way to stitch a seam. Blatant copying for profit is what really irks me -- and often that is an artist being lazy - not willing to go through the angst of creating something from within themselves so they copy. Shame on them if their ego won't allow them to admit that it wasn't their original idea.

A bird in the hand said...

Don't we all feel that way. Yes, we do. I take inspiration from many sources, we get ideas from each other, and usually we make it our own. I see something that I love, I'll start with the same basic idea but it always ends up quite differently from whatever inspired it.

I can see your "hand" in all your creations.

jenclair said...

I see so many beautiful and original creations, thanks to the internet and blogging, that I never would have 10-15 years ago. Inspiration is everywhere in a way it never has been before, and I love it.

Unfortunately, some people don't always see the difference between "inspire" and "copy."