Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Abandonded orchard painting

My decision to return to painting was not a capricious one.
I have spent actually years trying to discover just what it is I should be doing. I will never stop making THINGS-I love doing that too much.
But I desperately needed to focus on one thing.
I hesitated to mention that I have prayed about this decision, but I have. This post is mainly for myself-I don't expect many people to be just holding their breath to read this stuff!
It's been very hard and very worse than hard to get to this work and not give up.
Many times I have just wanted to quit and just can tomatoes or pull weeds-and I'd be perfectly happy doing those things. It is not a put-down-I love doing the ordinary things of my life.
To say that I feel a deep thing inside me that won't let me quit is almost funny-because I see the shortcomings in my art, and I know how impatient I can be, and how I can waste my time at the computer or watching old movies.....
Well, I can ramble on about this.
Here's a painting I did yesterday, from one of my photos. (Giggle)-it looks way better from a distance, so stand back about 10 feet from your monitor! There's a plaster wrap around the canvas, so that's why there's bumps on the surface.
It is good to show my work here, it takes some of the fear away, and helps me see if I progress.


Beverly said...

What a beautiful painting, it's always best to create what's in your heart, no matter what medium it is.

A bird in the hand said...

I love this painting. I'm being told by family and friends to go back to my painting, or at least do more (because I never really stopped), and I really want to, but my art is also a part of my livelihood and paintings are harder to sell than the smaller things I create. I'm encouraged, though, and although I've never abandoned it, I'm going to be painting more this year. Because it makes me happy. xo

Maywyn Studio said...

"...holding their breath..." Ah, So now you tell me. lol :)
The way you put things is uplifting, and opens the eyes to what matters.
Your painting captures the personality of an orchard. I believe you have talent, and I look forward to seeing what you create.

Penny said...

I love this painting. Follow your heart!!! That is my mantra to myself. If I am not happy with what I am doing -- or it does not fulfill me -- then I change tack. Sometimes we have to search deeply inside to find the right path -- but once found stick to it and let it grow and become you.

Debbie Nolan said...

So beautiful Debra. It is such a pleasure to see your paintings. It has such a peaceful and poetic feel. Love it.