Monday, January 4, 2016

coloring page number two

I know it's scraggly and primitive, but I am having so much fun doing these. It helps me to get my brain going a little. I finally bought a coloring book called "Fantastic Cities", by Steve McDonald. All the coloring books are fun to look at. A long time ago I did lots of pen and ink drawing for a newspaper. I had a little weird artsy comic strip and got paid 5 dollars each week. This stuff reminds me of that, and I love just designing and playing with black and white.
My disclaimer is that I do know it is not done well-it's just for fun.
If you happen to print them off-I'd be so pleased if you took a picture of your work and posted it.


Maywyn Studio said...

Whenever I get to the store, and remember to buy ink, I'll print out a copy.

Thank you for the cheery artwork

Penny said...

Wonderful! I try to remind myself - every time I make something that "I'm doing this for fun". It takes all the pressure off - no expectations and it allows me to make mistakes or changes and not care. I love your sketching. It makes me smile and that's a GOOD thing!!

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Debra just catching up with you friend. I love your coloring book doodles. Pen an ink can be so striking and your certainly if dear.

Wendy Barrett said...

I think your colouring-in pages are beautiful and every bit as nice as some of the colouring-in books you can buy in the shops. Have you thought of creating a book yourself? I have, but I thought I might have missed the boat as there are so many out there now. However, I may still give it a go. I too love illustration!
Love your blog Debra!