Friday, April 1, 2016

What I'm doin'

Many years ago I loved to draw plants from my walks in the woods. I lived in a very old house with no running water. It was my black dog and me. For a while I didn't even have a phone! I had 2 geese and a very old pick-up truck. A job to just get me by.
I painted using oils, and I kept a sketchbook of pencil drawings of plants and animals.
Life happened-I remarried happily, had a son. My art making was set aside for a while, and it was fine. I had my family and I was happy. (We now live in another old house WITH running water!)
Now a days, we're empty nesters and happy for our son because he's got a beautiful wife who loves him and he's so happy-we are happy.
Now I have lots of time, and my art is coming to be more important to me.
But it's so funny-never in a million years would I have thought I'd be back to trying to draw in a realistic way, or to even paint that way. I guess I didn't have a real direction for my art. And even now, I 'm just doing things that please me, and trying to get better at it.
Today, I ordered a whole bunch of Winsor and Newton watercolors. Oh my word...I can't believe I did that. Watercolors???? I am terrified.
But I feel they are going to help with the detailed work I want to try to do.
Oh, I'm sorry. This is so self self self.
The drawing above is from my sketch book. I've been doing other coloring pages behind the scenes-not putting them on my blog because I'm trying to get them published.
I'll let you know how that goes....
I'm scared, but I love this new thing. It is good to learn things!
Please excuse my self centered post!
I won't just forget my love of using fabric-it's too much fun. Good thing there are no rules about how many types of art a person can try!!!


jenclair said...

Go, Debra! I've always wanted to be able to sketch my surroundings and love seeing sketchbooks of other people's work. Your little bird and flowers sketch is delightful! I love that you ordered watercolors and want to try a new artistic outlet. So many new things are scary, pull up your big girl pants and go forward and paint!

Penny said...

Loved this post!! Our lives are not static -- anyone who thinks they might be is not looking around *smile*. I love it that you're going back to your 'roots', resurrecting your art through painting. We only grow if we take the dive and try new (or go back to old) things - each time learning and perfecting. What fun is ahead of you!!

Anonymous said...

Debra - I truly enjoy your art - all of it. But my how could I not love a little birdie, sunflowers and is that echinacea? I enjoyed reading about your past. It helps us know you and feel where you are coming from. I too fear of sounding too self - but really I guess in many ways blogging for me, is self-discovery. I hope your work is published if that is what you want. I have a stash of material I was going to contact you in a private message about. Seems your talents are many and I enjoy all that I see. Trying to find that focus is really hard for me, as I feel my life and circumstances keep changing and my heart changes - perhaps for you too. Thank you for sharing a litte more of you today. xo kim

Deborah Nolan said...

Oh my Debra so glad you shared a part of your past as well as this lovely sketch. I just know I am going to enjoy seeing your watercolors. Cannot wait friend to see what is up your sleeve next. Big hugs!

Barbara said...

Debra, we must be soul sisters, I could have written your post. However, you are way better at expressing with words than I would have been. I SO relate to all of it! After decades of fiber art, I've also gone back to my fine artistic roots, specifically drawing for now. Funny, you ordered watercolors. I bought some, but in a moment of self-doubt, I returned them. Next time I will keep and use them! Your effort has given me courage, I'm not the only one! You are now on the list of blogs I'm following, yay!

Debra said...

Hello Barbara! It's good to hear from you, and to know I've helped in a little way. I tried to find your blog, but couldn't, so I hope you see this comment. I think self doubt is keeping me from opening my tubes of water colors! They sit looking so pretty, and I have images of what I want to paint in my head-but I put it all off, and find work to do around the house-there's lots to do! So I haven't dipped my toes into the water color world yet-but-it's around the corner, once I get a room upstairs in our house finished.
I'm happy you will be following me-and I hope I can see your art as well!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

So nice to meet you, Debra... How kind of you to come visit my blog via Debbie's post. I am so happy you did, now I have found your wonderful blog. Thank you so much for your kind words.

This is a great post.. And yes, we artists may try as many mediums as we like.. I work in several, and I know you will enjoy watercolors.. I would hope you will share. I thought I would follow along.