Saturday, June 25, 2016

Geese in the roses, and some painting

 My geese love to sit under the pink roses in their pen. They were picking lightly at the ground around the flowers like they were tending them.
 Sam is lost in the blooms, and Titus is 'sniffing' them!
 I made this articulated paper dog quite a few months ago. He's painted with acrylic paint. This is a fun project to do, and would be a blast for kids. Simply draw out an animal with all his parts separate and paint them. Then cut out the parts. Make a hole through the parts and the body where they attach and put a little brad through the hole. You can hang it from a string or play with it like a puppet. I made his bottom jaw move too.
This is not a good photo, but I've been working on learning watercoloring, so I'm making more of these puppets for my Etsy shop.
Some things I have found out by trying to learn how to use watercolors:
There are as many ways of painting with watercolors as there are people who use them. I have looked at a few magazines and books-all the so called rules can be tweaked or broken or adapted to your own style. It's really a matter of personal taste, and your own artistic leaning.
I've seen super 'sloppy' looking paintings that are just beautiful, and super precise paintings that are gorgeous. I love all the styles. I think the contemporary watercolor art that you can find at Etsy is fun-I love the stories that you can see in the paintings.
 But I also love pure realistic painting, and I have found that there is where I need to practice, because what I want to do in the end, is to let my own style show. But first I have put some time into the work of simple painting-just experimenting with how the water and paint work on paper. It's fascinating, and a world of difference from acrylic paint. There are exasperating times of waiting for the paint to dry before you can do anything else-and the colors change a little when the paint is dry. It's hard to cover mistakes-it's not that way with acrylics or oils.
So eventually I'll show more of my work-it's not very good-but it's been so much fun!


Barbara said...

I have never been satisfied with my water color efforts.,persist, and I'm sure you will get there. Looking forward to seeing some of it!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

I love your art! I think you are doing a wonderful job.. Putting the brads in to make moving parts.. You have reminded me of the paper dolls I painted and articulated in the same manner years ago... It is such fun, yes?

Oh how I love your geese.. They are so beautiful..

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Beautiful!! I love your movable dog and all :-D
I have been also playing with water color! It is something that I always seemed to disappoint myself with, for I was more at ease with working with oil or pencil. But now I am discovering a new satisfaction!! GarBear bought a real nice chicken coop and I am considering getting a pair of Pilgrim geese. And 4 chickens !!
Sending love , Linnie

jenclair said...

I love the pic of the geese in the roses! And the articulated paper dog is delightful, Debra! Loving what you do is the most important part of creating. :)

Penny said...

Love the paper dog! Its so delightful that you're exploring painting -- seeing what you like and don't like, seeing what works for you or doesn't. Its a great exploration and learning process!

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Debra - I think your art is super friend. What a great idea with the dog. He looks so good. Watercolor is an exciting medium and I know you are going to enjoy using them. Love your geese in the beautiful roses. They did look like they were caring for them. How sweet is that?? Hope you are having a delightful day. Hugs!