Saturday, July 23, 2016

Recipe for a Hummingbird, and Other News

 To make a hummingbird~
One darning needle
A little bit of a rainbow
Tiny feathers
One sweet tooth
Flying while intoxicated lessons (sugar water only)
Off key humming
distilled wonder...
here's my attempt. I used a hawthorn pricker for his beak...

And here's our bird, Norton. This is how he cools down. He lays on his food dish.

I have some news too: one of my pen and ink drawings has been accepted for the September issue of Stampington's The Coloring Studio magazine, and two more have been accepted for the December issue!
I am thrilled!



Barbara said...

Wow, Debra, congratulations on your drawings' acceptance! Will you show them here?
Funny how we take words sometimes. What I read "Recipe for a Hummingbird" my mind immediately went to food. So glad that's not it! Lol.
Your "recipe" is poetic.
Tell how Norton came to be "your bird", please. We have birds like this (is he a mourning dove?)
, but I can't picture them settling on anything we put out. Love this post!

Penny said...

I'll work my way up on your post. CONGRATULATIONS!! on having drawings published!!! I love to see your bird sitting in the dish. Being a china dish it probably stays a lot cooler longer. I also love your hummingbird -- his beak is great!! What a fun thing to make on a summer day!

Debbie Nolan said...

Oh Debra love your hummingbird. You are so creative friend. Hooray too about your pen and ink drawings. That is just wonderful news. I hope you are celebrating. Will be checking out those editions to see your art sweet friend. Have a delightful week-end. God is good! Hugs

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I came from Barbara's blog, but I see lots of my friends are here too. Great blog. Don't know how I have never been here before. Congrats on getting published. I'll look for the issue.
Carol in Northern Indiana.

jenclair said...

Congratulations on your pen and ink drawings, Debra! Love the hummingbird, and Norton is a beauty, too!

Maywyn said...

Let us know when its published.
I thought you'd stopped posting until I saw a comment, and followed the link. Entered my email so I won't miss your posts.

Vicki Elish said...

Debra, that is awesome about your drawing but certainly not surprising! You are so very talented and I love all of your work. Your hummingbird is wonderful and Norton is very handsome. Love you! Have a great day. XO