Saturday, August 6, 2016

Norton the dove

 Sometimes there are feathers on our floor.
He has a 'room' of his own, our bird.
Norton, the dove.
 My husband made his cage. He has sticks to land on. His food is in a dish on the floor of his cage, because doves are ground feeders. He is a ring-necked dove.
He is about 24 years old.
 Sometimes he is incognito. He doesn't know that his pink feet give him away. He is not good at hide and seek. He could never be quiet while hiding, anyway. He hoots. He laughs.
 Norton is alone in his cage because he is a murderer. He had a cage mate, named Riley. But at times they would fight and slap each other with their wings. We found out they were both males,
 so I guess that's why they didn't like each other. Sad story-one morning we found Riley dead.
We tried a few other birds, but Norton would not have it! He'd puff up and make a weird noise. So-mirrors served the purpose of a cage mate, and he doesn't seem to age at all-so we know he is happy.
 He does not like toys in his cage, or other things to eat except the seed we've always given him. And water of course. He bathes in his water dish when I use the vacuum cleaner.
 Norton loves music. He hoots along with it.
 We've had Norton for 24 years, and when we got him(and Riley) they were already full grown birds, so he may be older than 24.
 He has been an inspiration for my art.
Norton is truly a gift from God for me.
We love him so much.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Great story. 40+ years ago my husband took a job as an Over The Road truck driver. He bought me a parakeet so I wouldn't be lonely, lol. I LOVED that bird. He was so crazy. Sadly he only lived about 7 or 8 years. I believe he had the bird version of a stroke. Not many of the younger generation keep pet birds. We rarely see them in pet shops here.
xx, Carol

Penny said...

What a wonderful, long friendship!! We had our cat Panda Bear for almost that long. My son grew up with him and I think when he went into the Army after high school he missed Panda more than he missed us!!! *smile*

Barbara said...

Debra, you know I've been watching for this post. I've just never heard of a pet dove. Is Norton a Mourning Dove? How did you end up getting him as a pet so many years ago? How unique and wonderful. Sorry so many questions.

jenclair said...

Ha! As long as he doesn't know that his feet are giving him away, Norton should be satisfied. :) Love that he inspires your art!

Maywyn said...

Norton is quite a character!
Your words give him beauty.

Vicki said...

Norton is a beauty. I love that he hoots along with the music and then bathes while you vacuum.