Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The cat days of August

 Here he is-the King of our home. He's gone through a lot of names-I can't seem to settle on just one. Lately I've been calling him 'Lion' and that seems to stick. He won't answer to any name, so it doesn't matter!
He's a feral cat that we feed. He looks good, and healthy. I fear the day he gets hurt-we'll never be able to get him in a crate to the vet. I've been feeding him almost a year, and I still can't touch him. I think he purrs though, when he sees me...
 Lion is purely an outside cat.
I think he knows everything there is to know about surviving, but I'm sure he likes the kitty food he gets every day. And I love him.
 I've had the itch to do other things besides paint. So I've been making paperclay beads
 and people and animals.

 Also, I've gotten the crocheting bug again. I love the covered rocks. I made a pendant by chain stitching around a rock randomly and then stitched the neck part last. I'm going to send it to a friend.
 I remembered my lessons enough to cover this rock without a pattern. Today when I tried learning from some books, I got everything wrong, and just got frustrated with it-but I want to conquer this enough so I'll just keep plugging away at it.
 I have some ideas I want to get out into reality-just need the time to do it all!


Maywyn said...

Love the rock and crochet
Your Lion has quite a photographic personality. Somebody told me if you can catch the cat in a large thick towel, and hold it for a while, the cat will eventually get use to your touch. I've not tried that method. Flea issues bother me. A long stick to pet the cat sometimes helps.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hi Debra,
What a beautiful cat! I love your paperclay pieces.. Don't you just love working with paper clay? It is so soothing to me.
Love your crocheting.

jenclair said...

Lion looks like a contented cat. :) And my, aren't you busy these days! Your beads remind me that I started making a bunch of paper clay beads last year and got distracted. Maybe I can find them again; they were going to be used as dangles on some Halloween brooches...that never got finished either!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

He's a pretty cat. My SIL feeds feral cats and if she can catch them, takes them to be neutered. She has taken three inside, though I have NEVER seen them. They only show their faces to my SIL and BIL..how funny. I know they live there because I have seen their hair, lol.

I used to make faces with paperclay, but that's been years ago. I have to admit, I love crochet and love rocks but have never combined the two.
xx, Carol

Barbara said...

We have two cats of summer days here, but they are indoor kitties. They enjoy the screened porch in this heat, don't know how! I've learned from my daughter to make paper clay beads. She has made a lot of jewelry with them and sells from Etsy. I prefer people and animals just for fun. I need to play with that medium again. Now, rocks are a passion of mine too! I have tried to crochet them, but my hands do not get away with crocheting. I can knit, but end up wet-felting the rocks instead. Sometimes I bead the felt also
, so many things to try! Today it's mosaics for the first time ever...hope I like it!

Penny said...

Cats can be the most 'private' people! To be so self-contained is quite wonderful when you think of it -- however not as much fun as needing and feeling a touch once in awhile or letting others get close enough to hear you purr.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and visit, Debra. It is always such a joy to see you there.

Deborah Nolan said...

Dear friend I almost missed this post. Oh your kitty looks like he needs for nothing. Don't give up on getting near. He just may surprise you and let you pet him yet. Your talent always amazes me...from sculpting to crocheting and sewing as well as painting- cannot wait to see what is next. I am sure it will be good. Hugs
P.S will email you soon.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your imagination and your sense of fun without it costing a lot of money. Your work never ceases to amaze me.

About crocheting around stones - I use doily patterns, ones with an interesting center which is the only part you need. When you've completed enough to cover the top, start decreasing stitches in the next and following rows, not necessarily following the pattern anymore. You can wing it by making V stitches, or whatever comes to mind until you've covered the edges and a bit of the underside, making sure it's tight enough. The last rows will be worked with the stone inside. Just make each row tighter by eliminating stitches. It's a fun thing to do, makes a nice gift, and doesn't take long. Each one is unique. Larger ones make nice paperweights, and look nice when placed around your flower pots on a windowsill. I have some on the front porch. Spring and fall I wash them in a basin of soapy water.

Debra said...

Oh thank you for the hints-I admit I am not very good at crocheting yet, but I appreciate your instructions! Thank you so much for visiting!