Monday, January 30, 2017

Simple steps for painting everyday~

 Sometimes it just can't be done-but I have never painted every day-so I have a few very basic tips that have helped me get going and really get a painting done....
 These are things that help me-so your list will look different than mine. Please share your own art work helps if you like....
 I have no idea why I'm repeating these old photos of birds I have made. But my first tip is~
have everything you will need to paint all ready. This seems so simple that it's ridiculous to even write out. But if you have a desk or table top or easel-have all your ingredients together. It helps to see them ready and waiting for you-in one spot.
 Tip # 2~
This one is tricky-because this comes under the heading of having rules, or not having them. I needed to have photos I was drawn to emotionally to get me painting. In other words- Make sure you are on fire about your subject. Your inspiration will show in your work, and it will spur you on when things get a little rough. I'm not overly excited about painting a bowl of apples. Even though I could learn a TON of stuff doing that-I have no passion for the subject. Please note-I have seen gorgeous paintings of bowls of apples.
 Tip# 3~
You are painting for yourself, but it helps if you put the results online. Feedback is wonderful. The community out there is wonderful. We don't have to agree on everything in life to be friends, and to be helpful and loving.
 Tip# 4~
Be kind to yourself when you miss days, when you paint JUNK and just HATE it. There are other days. There is another time when your painting WILL WORK.
 Tip# 5~
Sometimes a good studio hoe-out helps get your art brain working. You are processing art when you are doing something else. You'll see.
Be thankful. I pray before I paint.
I pray while I paint.
and I thank Him when it worked...


Barbara said...

I needed this! Thank you!!!

Studio Maywyn said...

Great tips! Thank you
I pray I can get everything one place to start. That's my biggest problem. I'll try. :)

jenclair said...

Never worry about showing pics of your birds! They are always an inspiration. :)

Deborah Nolan said...

Ah Debra I would just love to come paint with you in your studio. These are all super tips- especially love the last one. :)! P.S I adore your bird art sweet friend. Have a lovely day. Xo xo