Thursday, February 2, 2017

painting a day ramble....

I didn't think it would be a big deal to post this a day ahead of what I said I would-so here it is....the cow painting was done the end of December, but all the rest I've done in the past week and a half. Some of the landscapes are painted on those wood blocks you can buy at hobby stores. With a few coats of gesso, and a sawtooth hanger on the back-they make quite good painting surfaces. I also covered the backs of the wood with paper glued on before the hangers were attached.
There is a big difference in quality of stuff to paint on. I want to steer anyone away from a brand I have found to be consistently disappointing and can be used only for practice.
It's a brand called 'Artist's Loft.' I don't have a Dick Blick store handy, so sometimes I have to buy stuff from Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or even JoAnn's. All have art supplies-and all of these stores do carry high quality art supplies IF you know which brands to avoid. Artist's Loft canvases are not stretched correctly. There  are huge bumps at the corners where the canvas is folded over on itself and then stapled. That bump is hard to see in the above photos, but I used it for the painting of the bird on the bush (a painting that I'm not reeeeeal happy with:(
Maybe this awful bump on the corners would disappear with a good frame-I don't know. I think it wouldn't. So-bottom line-stretch your own canvases for the best surface if you prefer canvas to paint on-OR-order from Dick Blick, Jerry's Artorama-there's more-but I highly recommend Blick.
I am using fluid acrylics, and coating the paintings twice with Liquitex matte sealer-which is tops, by the way.
But I do want to give a thumbs up for the cheap wood things (not sure what the correct name for them is) to paint on-but look for knot holes, slight breaks in the wood, or warping. It's just pine-and that is not what is the best wood to paint on. But I think for the small size, with the backs covered-they will work fine for a long time.
I wanted the paint strokes to go beyond the edges of the wood in some of these, so that part is on purpose.
Well, that's a lot of stuff not many people will want to read. But that's ok. Am I happy with my painting? I have to shrug my shoulders and say, "Eh."
I don't know. I guess it's good to try to copy what you see, but I know there's another part of making art as far as painting goes that I just do not have yet.
So-that's the point of this-for a record of my progress.
It's pretty boring~all about me. Sorry.....
But that's another thing I'm looking for-how to make what I love not be all about me-but somehow to give to someone else someday.


jenclair said...

Yay, you! You are doing so well with your painting. Love the cow painting and the landscapes the best. :)

Studio Maywyn said...

Lovely paintings, and fantastic post! Thank you
I remember when Dick Blick started out in North Carolina. They expanded, changed hands, and still keep up the home town quality catalog and service.
I buy kiln dry pine for canvas stretchers, and try to use the same for craft projects. Painting so far one scrap pine piece with finger's crossed. When I get too picky about longevity, I think of the painted ads on the side of barns. :)

Barbara said...

Debra, I love these, especially the landscape with a touch of pink sky, and the one with the road road beckons to me. The two gray "ruts" traversing the tire tracks were a touch of genius. I cannot imagine an impact of this scene without them. They tell a story, and I want to know what it is. The kitty is sweet on an oval, and the cup with saucer is perfect in its plainness. I'm still simmering here, but I promise to plunge in soon. I pray I can come up with satisfying results without belaboring them. I am very interested and read every word more than once. I don't have Dick Blick either, must go tho Michaels, AC Moore and even JoAnns. Good to have your shopping tips! I more than make up for your "Eh" feeling about your work. :)

Coral Cottage said...

Oh my goodness, Debra - but you DO give to others by sharing your beautiful gift. I love each and everyone of these. Truly. Not just saying that. Keep sharing, I'm living through your art. xo kim

Debbie Nolan said...

Ah Debra - your paintings are so wonderful friend. What a great accomplishment to have so much to show for all your hard work. Thanks for the tip about canvas stretching. For the most part with watercolor use paper but I know with acrylics canvas is a great alternative. Keep keeping on and dearest your painting is not all about you. It inspires me and I am sure it will inspire others to follow their dreams. Hugs!

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

I LOVE them ALL !!!!!!
XXX OOO Love to you my sweet friend!!!
Blessings Linnie

Trish said...

Wow wow wow!! are on fire! lol! I'm so in awe of the work you're's all so fantastic. xxxx