Thursday, March 16, 2017

birds & birds & birds

 Watercolor is so different and almost random, with a mind of its own-it has rules that acrylics don't follow. Learning the language of watercolor is exciting though. I've been playing with it and having fun.
'Bird With Big Wings' is actually scared of everything and puffs up at the slightest thing different. He puffs his chest and puffs his wings. He was scared of me the whole time I was painting him. hawhaw
 Making watercolor disks to hang on a string. I plan to send them to a friend. They will be on one long string.
 It finally stopped snowing, but more is forecast for the weekend-but not like the 10 or 11 inches we just got! I did a lot of shoveling. Finally got the geese outside today, as it was way too cold and too much snow for them earlier. I shoveled paths for them in their outside pen, but mostly they are laying with their beaks tucked.
We have lots of birds to watch.
 I think that woodie was watching me!
Stay warm...I am off to the studio with a bit of chocolate. Hope to find some of those Alaska/man vs nature shows to watch while I fiddle with more watercoloring....
Spring is just around the corner!


Barbara said...

Amen to watercolor being different. I always felt that way, but struggled through courses in school anyhow. I'm so glad you are conquering it, your puffed up bird is exquisite. I especially like his very wise eye! He may appear to be scared as he puffs up, but to me the wisdom coming from his eye says he's more courageous than scared.

jenclair said...

Puffed up Bird looks like an illustration for a children's book! Beautiful photos of the birds in the snow.

Studio Maywyn said...

Beautiful bird with wings! He or she is delightful.
I didn't guess it's fear puffing up those wings. You have a bright imagination.

Jeri Landers said...

"Scaredy Bird" is a hoot! You have a great sense of fun.