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Simon Says-A new feature on this blog...stay tuned!

Coming soon:
A new feature here at Monnie bean-
once a month I'll show an artist's work and interview them.
It will be fun!


Barbara said…
I'll be watching! :)
Yes, it WILL be fun. I'm sure the artist is someone's work that you admire so that makes it an interesting feature.
xx, Carol
Trish said…
Sounds great, Debra! Looking forward to reading your new feature. Every time I visit you I am just blown away by the fantastic things you are making and are so gifted, my friend! I love your art..all of it. Hope you are having a lovely day. Bless you..Trish xx
Studio Maywyn said…
This will be good! Interviews are special from artists especially. :)
Penny said…
Sounds like a fun idea.
Coral Cottage said…
How fun! Looking forward to reading what Simon Says. xo kim
jenclair said…
Neat idea!