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foxglove painting

"Foxgloves" about 4 inches by 5 inches
fluid acrylics on heavy Strathmore linen finish paper
from my photo


Barbara said…
Very pretty and with my favorite colors. I like that you worked this from a photo you took, and the cycle of the flowers is evident from the younger ones at top still closed to the more mature open ones further down. That gives this painting life! Spontaneous and small art, I just love it!
Debbie Nolan said…
Ah dearest this is a subject after my own heart. Love the size as well as the beautiful colors. Makes me want summer to come soon. Hope you are having a delightful weekend. Hugs!
Penny said…
Don't you just LOVE them!! I'm getting so excited as more and more blooms each week.
jenclair said…
So pretty! And I love the tiny size of the canvas!