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Osprey nest & painting from photos

Yesterday my husband and I went for a ride to hunt out photos I could paint from. I've been wanting to paint the giant osprey nests that are turning up around the area, so we headed to Montezuma Swamp. We do have some nests closer than that, and I'm so happy these birds are spreading out their territory. We also have Bald Eagles around here-I've seen them a few times-even flying right over our house! I have to admit-they make me a little nervous because of my geese....
But I did find some good photos to paint from. Right now my goal for painting is to paint what I see. There are artists who paint from life only, and wouldn't use photos. I love to paint from life, but obviously, I can't set up my gear beside a busy highway-which is right where this nest (and about 5 or 6 more) are located.
Besides-I LOVE painting from my photos-and I want to say-all the paintings I have shown here are from my own photos-except Sophie. I asked permission to use the photos to paint her.
It is very important to do that. I think most people would grant permission for their photo's use, but I have also read that people may ask you to purchase a right to use their photo.
I'm always trying to capture composition in my photos so they will already be painterly.


Studio Maywyn said…
Painting from photographs is a perfect method. I also like being outdoors, but photos are just as good, and in many cases, better. If the old masters had cameras, then I'm sure they would have gone all over the place taking pictures to paint from. Some of them might have become mainly photographers.
Painting outdoors is good when the weather and other challenges permit. With that said, I personally like to paint from photos.
I am like you... I always ask permission when using photos of others.. I am sure you agree that it is just common courtesy, right?
Can't wait to see the painting.
Thank you so much for visiting.. Happy you enjoyed the Rod Run. I know, that little boy was just so cute!
Barbara said…
I agree, photos are as acceptable as real time. I would be flattered if someone asked to paint my photo! I think those who would want a fee are professionals with copyrights. Looking forward to your newest!
Barbara said…
About osprey nests, we watched them in the NJ marshes from a boat on Great Bay. It was always special when there were young ones in the nest with a parent sitting there with them, then perhaps 25-50 feet away, a second parent stood guard. Always.
jenclair said…
Oh, wow! Look at that nest! There was a time when the only choice was to paint certain scenes outdoors, but you don't really have to do that any longer. When you take the photos yourself, you've been there (perhaps often) and have the best of both worlds. :)
Debbie Nolan said…
Dear Debra - I think photos are such a help. Painting from life is good but when the weather is bad or there are lots of distractions (wind especially) it is such a great resource. I agree as well permission to use someone else's photo is just being courteous. I have had others ask to use mine and I am always delighted for them to do so. Wow osprey nests are huge. We are just finally seeing a return of the Bald Eagles here. They are awesome birds. Hugs!
I've asked several on line friends that draw if I may stitch one of their drawings and have always been given permission. Each one was flattered. I like the painting you did from a photo. I (I don't know anything about painting) think it would be hard to paint the nest. I will be interested to see your painting in progress. I have never seen an osprey, that I know of. But in the last couple of years we have seen eagles along the St. Joseph River which is a couple of blocks from my house. One day I actually saw a young one circling overhead. I went out and watched for a long time. For me, it was a thrilling sight, as any sighting of a predator bird is for me.
xx, CArol