Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Feather, Caught...a post revisited

 I remember a lilac bush I played in when I was 4 years old. Like all lilacs, it sent out shoots and made itself wider. The really old branches died off and made paths just the right size for a little girl to have tea parties and be hidden from the world.
 My daddy would find me in the lilac bush.
He took the time to find me.
Then, my world was my Daddy.
Love is not big enough to describe it-what my little heart felt for him.
The last memory I have of him: "Daddy, are you coming back?" I ask him. It is quiet in the room. The out of place sound of a jet flying over the house fills the silence. I hear it fade, fade away.
"Yes, I'm coming back."
He had been gone for long periods of time for cancer treatments. Back then, they were crude for his type of cancer-cobalt and operations.
Next memory-I look up into strange faces towering over me-sad faces in our house. Daddy is gone, and all I know is I am alone. My mother, brother and I have to figure something out that there is no answer for.
Maybe you are wondering what the point of this story is if you've read this far.

 I've been reading a book about how to tell people about your faith in Christ. Writing my story in 100 words or less is one of the objectives in the book. Obviously, I failed on that point.
I still don't have all the answers. I still hurt. I hurt others sometimes. I am not a very good example of a Christian at times. I have lived much of my life for myself and have made bad choices.
 All I know is that there was a time when I could see I needed God for what He did for the world. I just simply agreed with His verdict- I was lost, I did bad stuff (sinned), I needed the connection Jesus made by His death in my place.
This is really me-my Daddy built the house we were living in.

I was a feather, caught. No longer drifting in the world-
His love caught me-
it arrested me by its huge significance.
Love - it's all about love.
About a Daddy that will never leave, or grow old and die, or get sick and die.
A perfect Daddy too, and One that speaks today through His Word, the Bible.
Matthew 18:3..."Truly I say to you, unless you repent (change, turn around) and become like little children [trusting, lowly, forgiving] , you can never enter the kingdom of heaven at all."


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I am compelled to comment, even though I don't have your belief or faith. At least not in Christ. I was raised Catholic and fell away just about 20 years ago when the news was all about the coverups of priests that abused children. But I believe in a Higher Power. And I know many people that have found their salvation in Christianity. I miss my father too. He has passed and I know he is with the God that he believed so strongly in. He is with me to, as your father is still with you.
xx, Carol

Phyllis Oller said...

I needed this today as things were going badly for me & I just asked God,why,why? Why is all of these things happening to me, I have shared faith, I don`t understand why things happen...but I keep telling myself & God, I need to praise You more,be more grateful for every good thing in every day, for good friends who are life long, not "throw away" friends, use you,then desert you.
Hope you had a happy easter,my dear friend,hugs & love,phyllis

A bird in the hand said...

In the end, it's always about love. xoxo

Studio Maywyn said...

Beautiful post
The child you looks like the you I imagine in your yard with your geese.
Happy Mother's Day!