Thursday, August 17, 2017

Kim-here's the painting!

 My friend Kim, at Coral Cottage  (now Red Dirt Farm) takes thee most beauty-ful photos I've ever seen. If you visit her blog, please also visit her page with just her photos. You will be stunned. She should be published. She is a bird-lover, artist, dog rescuer, cat-lover. Good wife and daughter. Amazing cook. Decorator of her lovely homes, and her chicken houses. They have mirrors and sheet music on the walls to look at (in the chicken houses). The birds are guarded inside when they need it. She is a mother to fowl and four-footed.
I asked permission to paint from some of her photos.

*By the way-if you are going to use ANYONE'S photos from the Internet, ALWAYS get permission, and ask if there is a fee. You MUST do this. Kim kindly gave me permission to use whatever tickled my fancy....*
So, being chickenless, I was drawn to her feathered kids, and here's one I have done in acrylics for her.
This is painted on Strathmore 246 lb. paper with Liquitex professional soft body paints. It measures 6 inches by 6 inches. I am happy with how it turned out, and my best fan, my husband Geoff, loved it too. So off it travels to Virginia....

Kim-is it Winter? (the chicken's name)
My goat, Ricardo, always props up my paintings so I can step back and get a better look at them.
I asked God for help with this painting.
He did.
Thank You, Precious Savior.
I am humbled...


jenclair said...

Wonderful, Debra! Love this!

Mr Cottage said...

Hi Debra,This Mr Cottage. Thank you for being such a good person. I have listen to my bride speak of you with much enthusiasm. Your kind words make her feel inspired to keep on reaching for more. Like you, comments mean a lot to her.
She mentioned to me a while back of your painting. She is happy, to say the least, to have her children put on canvas.
I too think your painting of Winters father Stanley, (guess I answered your query) is wonderful.
I wanted to share how much your words and actions mean. Ok, getting mushy,time to say thank you for being YOU!

Studio Maywyn said...

Lovely watercolor
Thank you for the link to Kim's blog
And Ricardo is adorable!

Anonymous said...

My Dear Friend, I can not tell you how humbled I am by your kind and generous words. Mr. Cottage is right, you are a good person. It feels a little surreal to see one of my own on canvas. That is Stanley roo - Winter's dad. He is an amazing rooster. He has survived so many fox attacks and dog attacks trying to protect his girls. He loves them tenderly and defends them fiercely. We have an understanding, Stanley and I. He pretends like he is a bad boy and sometimes has to show off in front of the others like he is putting me in my place. Then the sweet tender little fella shows his true side when he is hurt or sick and comes to me like a baby for comfort. Aren't God's animals amazing? It is such an honor for our house to be put to the canvas with the talents that have been given to you. We will cherish this painting and your amazing gift! God helped you place each stroke perfectly. Thank you - XO Kim

D. A. Squires said...

Dear Debra,
I am a reader-follower-fan of Kim's blog and I recall your asking permission to paint some of her beautiful photos (as are yours--this is my first visit to your blog : ) Adore this painting... I would love to have a coop, but sadly cannot where I live. I am the author of two children's books (they are also for grown-ups), and I was so inspired by Kim's farm stand and her chicken-rooster-peacock menagerie that I wove threads of both into a chapter called 'Cooped Up' in my book, 'The Fantastic Tails of Sammy and Mr. Chips.' So happy to have found your sweet blog--and must mention that I fell head over heels in love with a fictional macaw and common raven while writing my first book, 'The Time Seekers.' Birds amaze and inspire me... I would add aviary to my wish list, along with a coop, but will have to be content with them living in my imagination foreseeably.
I have collaborated with a wonderfully talented artist-graphic designer, who did all the artwork for my books and built my website--she is my Mary Poppins : ) I have enormous respect for ALL artists--it is a challenging and solo flight to work in the creative arts. But there is nowhere else we would rather be...
All best from another 'Deborah'!!

Debra said...

Deborah-It is wonderful to have your blog visit-and I will look up your books! ~And your website. Love your story about loving birds-what is there about feathers that is so enchanting???

Debbie Nolan said...

Oh wow Debra...absolutely beautiful painting friend. I just know Kim is going to love it. Going to check out D.A. Squires and Coral Cottage sites. Thanks for sharing. Hugs!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This post has received such wonderful comments. Such great inspiration for you to continue pursuing your art. Your talent is God given.
xx, Carol