Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Breaking the blog break for one day

October 10, 2017
22 years ago right now I was getting ready for brain surgery. How do you do that? Well, first they give you a little pill so you are not quite as nervous as you were when you walked through the hospital doors. Then you go to your room and wait. After a while someone comes in and cuts your very long hair off, and it hurts because she's pulling it hard and doesn't seem to care that it's a very traumatic thing for you to go through.

And then you're bald.
I remember sitting on the edge of my bed and just staring at the floor.

A few days before I was sitting on that bed, I had been holding our coat rack at home, and crying. "I just need a word from You, God. I'm scared. I don't want to leave my little boy and my husband."
Feeling desperate, alone.
In my head, ringing clear like a bell, "Read Psalm 118."

Ok. I gotta do it. Maybe I did hear Him....
It's a lovely psalm. But when I read verse 17, I knew it was for me, and I knew He had spoken to me.
"I shall not die, but declare the works of the Lord."

It was just what I needed, and He gave it to me a few days before I sat on that bed, waiting for my head to be cut in to.

Long story short- I should be dead. I ended up with a pulmonary embolism. A lot of people die from that.

I've told this lots of times-I'm sure people get sick of hearing it. But when it happens to you, it's kind of a big deal. Especially hearing from God.
So-you're alive and other people aren't. Why you?

You know, I don't think I've asked God that question.
I've just been glad to see my son grow up and get married and be happy. I've loved my husband all these years that were 'extras.'
And I know that I know that I know-God's Word is true, alive and He keeps it.
I don't try to explain Him, because I can't. What good would He be if I could?

And just think, you got to meet me and read my ramblings, my heartfelt words. You've loved my photos I think, and some of my art.
And I got the chance to love you.

Thank You, God....


Barbara said...

Thank you from all of us too!

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Dearest Debra!!This is an amazing story!!!! God is so GOOD!! XX OO
I appreciated so very much to read your story, and so thankful to God for so many reasons!

My Mom had a pulmonary embolism some 6 or 7 years ago and it is very serious indeed!!

My dear sister in-law had brain surgery a few months back and all went well there but sadly we are loosing her now to pancreatic cancer and she is in her final stages :-(
Life is very unpredictable but our only hope is in Him!!

(I have been down and away from blogging world because of an auto immune disease and I have missed you! Your art and expression is amazing!! ))
Love to you XX OO Linnnie

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

It's a powerful story. I often ask why? Not me. About any story like yours, and others with a not so happy ending. One of my best friends passed early from a brain embolism. I think of her often and wonder where she is and all those other questions people have about death. But you are here and your family and friends and blog friends are so glad you are. It's good that you write about the experience. If just one person draws comfort from it, then you have saved a soul from at least some grief.

xx, Carol, who is most happy to know you.

Red Dirt Farm said...

Debra - Congratulations on 22 years of LIVING - not just being but living a beautiful life full of purpose. We are all blessed that have you in our lives. God is good. xo kim

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Debra - what an amazing testimony. I did not know you then friend but I am so glad I have had the privilege to know you now. God is good! He loves us so.
I am so thankful that he allowed us to meet. So glad you shared your miracle. Love you!

Studio Maywyn said...

Amazing journey you've been on. Please take more than once to return and let us know how you are doing.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Thank you for sharing this..........God bless you, and God is good! I think of you each time I look over at Sophie's painting and smile. You are so talented.........and the answer to your question............God is not through with you yet! He has amazing plans for you!

Vicki said...

I didn't know about this. Thanking God this morning for his goodness, mercy, faithfulness, and especially, for letting you live so that we might appreciate you...you, the person who writes beautifully from the heart, who lets his light shine through her words, art and love for all of God's creatures. May God continue to bless you richly. XO ♥

Lana Manis said...

Debra, Thank you for sharing this. How amazing God is! I'm so glad He blessed you with all these years and the years to come. I'm thankful for people like you who cross my path and are a blessing. Don't stay away from blogging too long! :)

Michelle Palmer said...

So grateful for you~
He is an amazing God! Love and hugs to you~

Anonymous said...

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Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Debra,
Thank you God is so true! It is a true blessings.. Thank you for sharing your miracle.
May you be blessed with many years to come with friends and family.
Thank you so much for taking time out to visit my dolls. I am so happy you enjoyed.