Saturday, April 7, 2018

More from the past...

 This was a peacock that liked to visit my parents home. I think he liked the decorations my mom had. And the cat food...
 An old painting of mine-I don't think I have this anymore. My lilies have died out in the flower bed too-time to replace them. Such a wonderful smell they made in the evening. My son would pretend to faint from the aroma. He was always making me laugh!
 This place was one of the abandoned buildings I loved to photograph.
 This is Cheyenne. She was a doll, a rescue. We worked so hard with her to forget her previous owner's abuse. She always hated thunder-we couldn't love that out of her.
 I wish I could remember the name of the online place that I used to make magazine covers...
 ...and pop art using my photos.
 Here is Mr. Ed, which my followers from when I first started blogging will remember. He hung around and got fat on free corn.

 This is part of a Noah's ark painting I did on an old door.
 Here's a flower booth at our local Windmill Marketplace. Of course the photo was taken years ago in the fall.
 Here is Cornelius, eating a stick, and sticking her neck out. She has gone to heaven, but will always be one of my favorite pets. (they are all my favorites!)

 I'm not sure what this look was about. It was probably when we first got Cheyenne. Later on, you could see happiness on her face, not fear.
I've been painting like mad, and praying about just what steps to take next with my art. I'm going to join a local arts council, and then just keep painting!


Studio Maywyn said...

Lovely post, thank you for sharing your beautiful memories
Keep on painting!

Barbara said...

Oh no, I hit Publish to post a well thought-out comment, got a Forbidden message, and then my comment was gone. :( I’ll wait and see if it shows up before trying again.

jenclair said...

Good to see Cornelius and all the other creatures!

Red Dirt Farm said...

Hi Debra what a joy to see the older photos. Yes, our peas and chickens love cat food. Mr. Ed too cute, well really all the critters. Looking forward to seeing your newest paintings. I’ve missed seeing your posts been having some health problems your photos lifted my spirits. Thank you for sharing. Xo kim

Lon Anderson said...

That's a beautiful peacock! I've never heard of a peacock eating cat food before. Did he actually eat cat food? If so, I find that quite interesting!

Cheyenne sure looks lovable, it's upsetting to hear that she was abused though, I can't understand why a person would do such a thing like that but, I thank God that she has a good home now!

I really like your photos of Mr. Ed too, he sure is cute!

My wife and I have a lot of squirrels and rabbits that come around our yard including a lot of birds which her and I enjoy hearing and seeing!

I enjoyed seeing your paintings too, I find it's very relaxing when a person does the things they enjoy, for me, I really enjoy reading God's Word and writing!

Cornelius sure is adorable also, it's so nice that you had her for a pet! It looks like you really like animals like my wife and me.

God Bless,


Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Debra - your photos are just wonderful...especially Cheyenne. I am sure like me you miss those pets that are gone. They give us so much love when they come to live with us for a few short years...think they may just be angels in disguise!!

Too bad you don't still have your lily painting. It is amazing how way back when you were already pursuing art. Will be praying that God leads you down the path He wants and gives you the desires of your heart. Hugs!

Barbra Joan said...

Oh yes peacocks will eat cat food... Ducks do too. Debra, love your pictures and post today.. Cheyenne is a sweet heart, you can see it just by looking at her. So good that you rescued her, and don't worry about the thunder, most animals are afraid.
hugs, from Barbra Joan

Anonymous said...
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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You are finding your way in the paint world. A little landing in the stairway is usually a welcome breather to more exciting things waiting to happen. This was a lovely post of memories. Anyone who loves a Duck has lots of creative thoughts just waiting to blossom.
xx, Carol

Terri Petersen said...

Your post is a feast for the eyes! I am almost giddy about the Noah's ark painting on the door. Wow! Have you seen the movie Maudie? You may appreciate it as much as I did.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Such wonderful memories in your photographs. Keep on your heart and you will find the path you need to take with your creative talent!

A bird in the hand said...

Beautiful memories and photos, Debra.
I LOVE Cheyenne. I'm very partial to rescues. Most of the dogs I know are rescues.