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"You see those stars? That's Orion.."

The water falls against a rock ledge, flowing hard enough for you to cup your hands and hold it until it overflows your hands and falls against the rocks you stand on. For an instant you hold water and then it is gone-going somewhere past the bend in the creek, around the bigger rocks. You can hear it flowing, you can see it, you can feel it, but there is no stopping it.

How to capture someone's life in a book, a paragraph, or words spoken? 
There is a mystery that can't be caught. There are stories that you know, pictures like old movies that play in your head-memories reduced to a few words.

"There will be a scar..."

I've been so blessed in this life to have two dads. My first passed when I was about 5 years old, my second dad, just a little while ago.

My second dad was my Poppy. Gentle, quiet, funny, kind. Bird and animal lover, wonderful listener. He didn't mind not being noticed. I am so thankful to have known and loved him, and now to have that scar-yes, it will heal somewhat with time, but I want it there, always. A place I can go in my head where my memories of him are waiting for me to visit.

And when I see Orion up there in that vast sky God made with every star He named, that's ours, Poppy.

I'll see you later, Poppy


Sandi said…
My condolences. What a blessing he was. Still is.
Barbara said…
This is so very touching, Debra. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and emotions so beautifully. Bless you and your family.
Studio Maywyn said…
Sympathies and prayers for your loss
Beautiful words for a beautiful man
Terri Petersen said…
Your words create a beautiful picture. It's a deep and touching tribute to your Poppy. I thank the Lord that He blessed you with such a wonderful second father. Praying for His strength, peace, and comfort for you and your family at this time.
Debbie Nolan said…
Dearest Debra - such a beautiful post. My heart is with you friend. I am remembering you in my prayers. Hugs!
Baggaraggs: said…
Oh Bean, So very sad for your loss and your suffering. I'm so sad for you. heartache.
Beautiful, beautiful words that capture what you feel in your heart.

You will see him before you know it. You'll see a man walking toward you and just for a moment you will think it's Poppy. In that moment he is with you again and reminding you that he loves you.

You'll feel a breeze behind your back when you are standing at the kitchen sink. Who just passed by? It was Poppy reminding you that he is always with you.

And you will hear his voice softly speak your name on the breeze as you look at the stars. It's Poppy.

Much love to you.
xx, Carol
This brought tears to my eyes. My true sympathy, Debra, but how wonderful to have such meaningful, memories.
My daughter is by my first husband but the second hubby has had the same impact her life as you experienced. My hubby - her Poppy - is still living but her tribute will read like yours one day.
Barbra Joan said…
Debra, a beautiful touching post today. Your memories are always within your heart, and no one can take that away.
I am touched by this as I too had an angel for a dad. Only one, yes but he was special.
I wrote a "Letter to my Dad' on my blog also.
You were blessed as I was to have that in our lives.
jenclair said…
When you are lucky enough to have a true father figure in your life, there are so many good memories to be grateful for. The wound of loss becomes a scar of remembrance. Lovely post, Debra.
Jeri Landers said…
Very sensitive and lovely tribute to Poppy. It good to have that kind of a scar, one that leaves a permanent, pleasant and loving memory of someone dear to you.
Chris Lally said…
Lovely tribute to your dad, Debra. Yes, you will see him again - no doubt whatsoever.
Big hug...