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Two new paintings

 Worked hard.
Acrylic over old paper and wood cradled panel.
©2018 Debra Smith

The flower above is from life, not from a photo.

Too tired to crop it.
This is what the study in the previous post was for.
©2018Debra Smith
Acrylic on cradled wood panel
I think 6"x6" for both
You get to see how cluttered my desk gets.
BTW, I guess there are many views about how to paint and draw. I've read so much stuff lately my head is spinning. My loosely drawn out plan is to keep using photos to paint from, but incorporate live painting as well. Painting from photos is teaching me to notice details and copy them.
I have much to learn.
Much work.


Barbara said…
So much to mention! I love when you paint on things other than canvas, how large are they? I also love your bright colors and contrasts. You are an expert at painting animals, Debra. Have you offered to do that from people’s pet photos? I think there is a market for it. Thanks for sharing your work with us!
Chris Lally said…
Both pieces are wonderful, Debra, and obviously reflect your love & sensitivity for animals. I think that is the most important thing to aim for in art - to make the viewer see and FEEL what you see and feel.

My art mentor told me that we never, ever stop learning. Now, almost 20 years later, I finally believe her.

Painting from photos vs. painting from life? I've done both & go in spurts between them. They both have much to offer. Use them to your advantage. I used to belong to a plein air group and was afraid to paint from photographs. What would those real artists think?

Yeah, well the answer to that is, "Whatever." As a painter, you are sharing your feelings & emotions, not promoting some stupid pretentious image of yourself.

God will bless the work of your hands, my friend. You are on the right path, for sure :}
Chip Butter said…
I agree with Barbara on how beautifully you paint animals. It's the eyes, so warm and alive. I especially love Houdini for it so reminds me of my beloved Millie. It is quite enjoyable to see this oh-so-wonderful piece displayed on your creatively arranged work desk.
Your pet portraits are blowing me away. I just have no words to describe how i feel about them. I was wondering too how large they are. I'm guessing maybe 6 or 8 inch square. There are a lot of artists that have a nice income creating pet portraits no matter what medium their expertise. You have created amazing art since your focus changed to paint. I hope you see your art as your fans do, without self criticism. I hope you are finding joy in your work because it brings joy to those who see it.
xx, Carol
Debra said…
Oh I'm so happy you like the dogs! Somehow they have become almost real to me-spending so much time with them! I have made up little stories for them...
The paintings are 8"x8" on wood which is a nice smooth surface to do realistic paintings.
I have not offered to try people's pet portraits yet, except for two of my blogger pals-the first one was Sophie, a beautiful dog. The second was a rooster. I think they are both on this blog somewhere....
Thank you my friends :)
Beautiful paintings
Reading about art is important. Thank you for the reminder. But, I did paint yesterday. :)
jenclair said…
You have such an affinity for animals! I love seeing a bit of your work space, Debra.
This post made me feel happy. What a compliment to you. How many people can make someone happy across the miles? It is the expression on Napoleon's face - I adore it! And the flower floating over his head makes it perfect. Thanks for giving me a blissful moment.
Both paintings are gorgeous. You are so good at painting animals.
Debra, your paintings are breathtaking! I thought the painting you did of my Sophie was wonderful.......but oh my! wonderful Napoleon and Houdini look! Sophie's painting always catches everyone's eye and they are always amazed at how much it looks just like her! So a big thank you again! Keep up the wonderful work!
Still loving the portrait of our Sophie that you beautifully painted. These two paintings are just wonderful!
Debbie Nolan said…
Dear Debra I adore both paintings. I especially love Houdini. You may be reading but more importantly you are painting and it shows. Hope you have a lovely week coming up. Hugs!
Terri Petersen said…
I can't help but smile when I see your artwork Debra. These are wonderful and you have a great deal of talent.
Vicki said…
Debra, this is a beautiful painting. I just love it! We all have much to learn but you know enough to teach! I am so happy you are painting!!!! XO
Phyllis Oller said…
oh my gosh, you are so great at capturing the animals!!!