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What it is.

 I made this monster today.
I'm crazy about him cos he makes me smile.
If you want to see some amazing monster dolls, please look up Cotton Monster at Etsy. Please look at her web site and her previous work.
And this is what I had in mind for the stuff in the previous post. This isn't done yet. 

Have a great Thanksgiving.


Barbara said…
Oh, I’ve been watching for what you had in mind in your previous post. They are wonderful! Please show us again when complete. I don’t know if it’s me not getting along with Blogger or if the photo is somehow missing, but I don’t see the monster you made. Debra, send it to me by email if it’s my fault. Please, thanks!
Barbara said…
Ah, there he is! Dont know why he didn’t show before. He’s adorable! Give him a squeeze for me, if he’s friendly, that is. ;)
Chip Butter said…
And, these make me smile, too! I actually thought you might create new little people. I love them! What fun!
Henny Penny said…
Your little dolls are so cute. I had no idea what you could do with those two pieces. Your monster looks soft and cuddly like a good monster. :)
Oh gosh, your monster makes me smile too. The song One Eyed, One Horned Flyin Purple People Eater raced through my brain. Go figure because he doesn't fit the picture, lol.

Those little dolls are so cute! I feel like they should little closed eyes and an O mouth such as a singing choir.
Happy Thanksgiving to you too. We bought the bird yesterday.
xx, Carol
Chris Lally said…
LOVE these, Debra! They all make me smile :)
Happy Thanksgiving!
Thank you for the smiles. The dolls are adorable.
Debbie Nolan said…
Ah Dear Friend - it looks like your creative spark is so busy. Your monster made me smile too. As for what you have been up to concerning your previous post. Your dolls are so wonderful...can't wait to see where this is going. Hope you are having a delightful day. Hugs!
Barbra Joan said…
Love this kind of 'stuff'. Great minds think alike. LOL !
Hope you had a good day.
Barbra Joan said…
Debra thanks for the visit to my blog... Your so right about the Etsy site, I'm surprised that I still sell on there. Not a lot of traffic anymore, but for me it's been worth it to stay.. Well, for now anyway.
Love your monster! What are you going to name it?
Your monster is so whimsical! I love it! What are you going to name it?
fantastic monsters.

have a great day