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Paper cutting-the first time

Debra Smith ©2019 'Flying Through the Trees'
 I have always liked simple black and white design, so I thought I'd try paper cutting to help me with design ideas, and just to satisfy my curiosity about doing it.
I borrowed a good book from the library and watched a few YouTube videos.
The top one was cut after folding, and I drew the design on the fold and cut with an Exacto knife.  I cut it on a self-healing mat of course. It is very easy to break the tip of the knife, so make sure you have plenty of blades to complete your cutting.
Debra Smith ©2019 8"x12" 'French Owls'
This is a fold as well, but I used scissors to cut my design. I also embellished the owls with gel pen and pencil. I glued baby owls in the tree hole and used pencil to draw the features.

Applications: I can see this technique would be lots of fun to make stencils from, or use under a screen to make silk screen prints. It would be interesting to use watercolor paper in a non-fold cut out, then to color the finished piece.
Gluing to a paper backing isn't as hard as I thought it would be. I used white glue-especially for paper, and started at the bottom of the cut out, pressing each little area to the paper as I went up the cut out paper.


Chris Lally said…
Great results - lots of fun!
The addition of the owls on the second piece is really sweet and your title is just perfect :)
Nice work. Paper cutting takes lots of practice.
Debbie Nolan said…
Debra your paper cutting came out wonderfully. I have tried doing this form of art too. Lots of fun. I hope your new year is off to a lovely start. Hugs!
Sandi said…
Ooh, cool!
Barbara said…
A new art form to me, and I love what you’ve done! The use of printed paper for the owl piece adds an unexpected element, especially since some of the print is about flight. Have fun discovering the many possibilities!
jenclair said…
How cool are these! Now, I want to try!
I am smiling and SMH. I see a wonderful tree. YOU see an opening to the Crafty Universe. I LOVE this place!!
xx, Carol
Debra, very folky and nice. It's right up my alley, as I started doing Papercutting over 30 years ago! Don't do a lot anymore. Try using parchment on your next project, it's very strong but thin, so it won't tear easily. Then use water color to add details. That's the Pennsylvania Dutch way.
kim critzer said…
Hi Debra - Another homerun! I like them both, although the owls - oh my they really sing to my heart.

30 plus years ago, I worked with a wonderful group of women we formed a life-long friendship. We would get together regularly to do craft projects together. One of our projects was to learn scherenschnitte. We made so many wonderful projects, but I love loved doing the paper cutting. I've been thinking about this recently and along came your post, so timely. The only surviving piece that I made hangs in the front hall of my parents home where my mom placed it when I gifted it to them all those years ago. I don't know if I have the patience to do that detailed scissor work now, but your post brought back wonderful memories. Thank you. xo kim
You did such a lovely job! I love the owls! Cant wait to see what you create next!
How sweet your paper creations are! Cant wait to see what all you create!
Candy said…
Hi, Debra! These turned out great! I fell in love with the owls!