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owls and things.

 I've had a little day dream about having a tiny owl as a pet.
So I painted one,
 ...and I made one. He's a little barn owl. A bit lumpy-as he's the first, so if I make more, maybe I'll develop a pattern and work out the bumps. He's about 2 inches tall I guess.
His name is Simon.

Work in progress, detail.
Thank you for visiting!


jenclair said…
Love the mushroom and owl!
Hello Simon!He's adorable.
Chip Butter said…
Norton will love being in the company of such fine feathered friends. :~) I love love the painting. I hope you don't let that one go. Only two inches! What great texture and color. He/She does need company.
Barbara said…
Only two inches tall?! Amazing detailed work.If I had done something that small, I’d have felt it was tedious. ;) I love Simon’s personality, I feel he does have one, and for some reason I feel it most in the profile view. Also, I just love his feet in both photos! The first painting is charming! This is not from a photo, of course, and I feel your imagination at work in this one. I bet your work in progress has critters with feathers. Not a tough guess, I think I see the shapes and I know what you like. Great work, Debra, and lots of fun!
Debbie Nolan said…
Wow Debra I love your owl painting...just adorable and Simon is just perfect. He made me smile for sure friend. Can't wait to see the finished work in progress. Hugs!
I got out my ruler to see exactly how tall a 2" owl would be. TINY! He's cool. I especially like the tiny owl using the mushroom for an umbrella. I always leave my visit here in wonder.
xx, Carol
Chris Lally said…
The mushroom and the owl - a winning combination, Debra. Love the way you think (& create)!
Always love your paintings and creations! Such a cute owl!
It is always a delight to stop by and to see what you are painting or creating! Both owls are so sweet!
The owlet sheltering under the toadstool is absolutely adorable! xo